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Paula 22nd Feb 2018 Manager
Loving these ideas will be putting into practice thank youxx
Talita 26th Feb 2018
Thanks Paula! Hope it goes well!
Maria 30th May 2017 Lifestyle Assistant
funny poem i will read this to my residents
Talita 5th Jun 2017
Thanks for the feedback Maria. Much appreciated!
Lynette 13th Feb 2017 Diversional Therapist
Had a laugh myself at these poems so should surely have an impact on the residents. Love a twist to so called normality.
Talita 20th Feb 2017
ahh me too Lynette! Thanks for your feedback.
Francis 13th Sep 2016 Diversional Therapist
Such a wonderful site. Full of great resources. So helpful to a new activities officer!
Talita 19th Sep 2016
Thank you so much for your lovely feedback Francis. It is so much appreciated!
debbie 17th Feb 2015 day centre coordinator
fantastic I think these will cause a chuckle or two.

Thanks Deb