Make your own lovely paper people garlands and table centerpieces.
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  • Cultural observance.
  • Opportunity to socialize


  • A4 colored paper in any color plus orange paper to make awareness ribbons.
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue


  • Download templates and fold four times concertina style.
  • Cut out girl and boy, making sure you do not cut the 'arms'.
  • Open paper people slightly and place on dining table on Harmony Day.


  • Enlarge paper people templates to A3
  • Glue hands of paper people together to make a garland.
  • Use blue-tack to secure on walls and windows.

Orange awareness ribbons:

  • A thin strip of orange paper.
  • Glue as per photo.

Files included:

Download Image

Paper People - Woman

Download Image

Paper People - Man

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Maurice 10th Mar 2014
Hi Linda,

There is only 1 person to cut out in the downloads. Try folding the paper concertina style, cut off the edges, then cut out the person. Then you'll have 4 people as seen in the image.

Hope that helps!
linda 6th Mar 2014 Lifestyle Co-Ordinator
Tried to print bur there is only 1 full picture
No Avatar