Hollywood Stars Bingo

Hollywood Stars Bingo

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A beautiful Hollywood Stars themed bingo!

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Ann 13th Feb 2020 Lifestyle & Well-being Assistant
We have recently printed this out for our Day Respite Program because the other Lifestyle Assistant was goind 'crazy' doing the Bingo with numbers. Poor lady - she's been doing the numbers one for sooooo long. Having another option has just given her some respite from the mundane. It's so important to look after ourselves. Thanks for giving us another option.
PS Our participants love it too
Susan 14th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Thanks Ann for sharing
There are a lot of picture bingo games that you could use also
Marjorie 17th Feb 2019 Activities Assistant
Our Dementia residents loved looking at the old pictures! They all remembered something about each of the pictures. It was fun for reminiscing, even when we were not playing Bingo.
The one comment that was the funniest was about Marilyn Monroe. When I asked one of the women if she knew who it was, she just shook her head and said "The Dress"! 60 years later, she still remembers the picture of the dress, that she did NOT like!
Susan 14th Feb 2019 Activity Director
You could also use these pictures as an Identitng game especially for lower functioning residents
You could enlarge the pictures for those who are visually impaired
You could do this as a reminiscing activity also
Talita 14th Feb 2019
What a great idea for a themed bingo, love it Sara!