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Raelene 23rd May 2018 Leisure / Lifedtyle With The Aged.
Yes a great event we also have miniture horses visit the facility on a regular basis always great success for all residents. Its amazing watching residents response excitement, enjoyment , residents sharing their experiences and knowledge of horses to each other while enjoying the event.
Kay 28th Mar 2017 Teacher
My therapy mini wears Build a Bear sneakers when she is in facilities where she walks on laminate or tile floors. Works like a charm!!
Talita 29th Mar 2017
How gorgeous Kay! Thanks for sharing!
Elizabeth 21st Feb 2013 PICAC Project Officer
It was briliant idea. I believe the residents found this so exiting, different. Contact with animals has the very positive effect for older people. Can give them some relaxation and enjoyment - make them their day.