Chick Hatching Program for Seniors

Chick Hatching Program for Seniors

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In our facility, we hosted a 10-day Chick Hatching Program, offering an educational and therapeutic experience for our residents.

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Quambie 3rd Oct 2023 Lifestyle Coordinator
We are in rural W.A i just put a notice out on fb and managed to borrow a hatcher box and some fertile eggs all given freely as a loan its great as we work on a very small budget
Jodie 8th Sep 2015 Residential Care
We got ours through Henny Penny Hatchlings. Our residents loved the babies so much I approached my local Social Club to buy us a chicken pen. We ended up with the most beautiful Chicken Pen and kept our chicks, our resdients spend hours everyday outside nursing them and caring for them :)
Tina 24th Feb 2015 DT
Do we have this in New Zealand ???
Jackie 1st Jul 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
I have done this twice this year with my residents. A member of our community loaned us an incubator & a friend gave us the eggs, therefore this cost us nothing. We all had a wonderful time & enjoyed the experience. This is worth doing - to see the enjoyment & smiles on all the residents faces was worth it....even if we had a 21 day wait.
Deb 14th Aug 2013 Diversional Therapist

Thank you for your help. We finally heard back from the living eggs organisation and they advised us that their server crashed that is why they lost our bookings and all our emails etc.
We left a lot of phone messages but they never got them either.
So now I'm pleased to say that we will visit us on the 19th August.
Yippie!! Thanks once again Deb
Leanne 29th Jul 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi, I am happy to supply the requested information. I hope this helps.

Contact for Chicken Hatching Program Activity
Carole Back
Phone: 1800 047 730
Fax: 07 5335 1612
email: [email protected]
Deb 28th Jul 2013 Diversional Therapist
Just adding to my last comment. We used to book the living eggs We followed all the booking instructions etc. Im just wondering if anyone used anything different than what has been stated above and if so can they please let me know.
Deb 25th Jul 2013 Diversional Therapist
I was wondering what web site you used to book the living eggs because I used the web site recommended by a member and we booked a date etc. in SA we called them they never returned our calls we emailed them they never replied, the residents were busy fund raising and when the day came they never turned up. All our resident are very disappointed. Can you please confirm who you booked it through.

Ingrid 22nd Jul 2013
We just had this activity last week at our facility and let me say .... It was the BEST money spent ..... All the residents got something from it , some reactions were surprising and priceless . This al so encouraged family to come in and bring the grand kids to pet and hold the chicks so the residents got more visitors as well - fantastic !!! We have it booked for Easter next year too !!!
talita 6th Jun 2013
I have added the link to the Living Eggs program to the activity.
Here it is again:
Angela 6th Jun 2013 Carer/Activities Worker
This sounds great! What is the name of the Company you organised this through?
Cheryl 6th Jun 2013 Liesure & lifestyle Officer
Who do we contact to be able to run this program at our facility
Sounds like a great idea
Felicity 31st May 2013 lifestyle coordinator
I recently ran this porgram at my facility for Easter, it was very well recieved from all residents, staff and families
talita 28th May 2013
Wonderful idea Kelly, thanks for sharing!