In the aged care industry, staff are occasionally asked to deliver eulogies; either by the family of the departed or by management. In this article I have residential care staff in mind.

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Josephine 8th Feb 2014 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Solange, thank you for posting this. I am the lifestyle coordinator and I am working on an annual memorial ceremony for Elders that have passed on. The information is very timely and certainly something I can use. Again thank you for sharing this information.
Alison 5th Feb 2014 Recreation Activity Officer / TAFE Student
Thank you Solange for putting this topic & article together. It has been a great help to me in preparing the memorial service I am running later this week.
SANDRA 4th Feb 2014
This is great. we have beem advised that we will been having a memorial ceremony annually for those who have left us. this will help us immensely. Thank you Solange
Satomi 4th Feb 2014 Carer / Activity Coordinator
I am a carer and a lifestyle coordinator. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to study about the eurogy - which is a new area for me. All residents I wanted to say "Good bye" individually, but didn't know how to say properly. Now, I can try at least. Many thanks, Solange.
Jen 4th Feb 2014 Diversional Therapist
Solange, Your article is well thought out and written! Thanks!
It is often very difficult to give a "Farewell', but I have found it helps me to work through the letting go process myself -particularly when you have been close to a resident. Jen