Indoor putting weekly league

Indoor putting weekly league

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Golf is recognised as a good activity for promoting mental, physical and social wellbeing. Putting is a relaxing and ideal indoor activity that can be done by people with previous golfing skills and those who have never played before.

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Gail 3rd Sep 2017 Personal Carer
Looks a good thing. I will have to try and purchase. Does anyone have any good different games for health and well being. I enjoy doing quizes out of book. I have not been doing this type of thing/activity for long. I enjoy the learning and what you get out of it. I have been thrown in the deep end but that is a good challenge for me and need it. My clients are dementia specific. Varying degrees but most of the group are not responsive.
Green Hill 18th Aug 2017 Care Home
how about if someone can't as most of the residents can't really stand without their walkers. is there a sitting version?
Parveen 15th Jul 2017 Lifestyle Assistant
where can we get that hole machine?
Talita 17th Jul 2017
Hi Parveen, there is a link at the bottom of the activity with a link to buying a battery operated golf ball return on Amazon. I'm sure there are many other places too! You could try ebay or a golf store.
Talita 13th Jul 2017
I love this! Great idea. Thanks for providing a picture too.