Draw lines to match each woman to her deed!

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Darlene 9th Mar 2017 Director
I customized this to make it a list of FIRSTS for women in my country. It was a HUGE hit this week for women's day....the women ( and MEN) at my facility loved it and they had a lot of fun guessing the answers! They knew most of the answers, but the discussions and comments that were triggered was great. The clients even corrected me, insisting that some of the answers on my list were wrong. :-)
Hi Solange
This is a great idea. I've modified mine a little though. I have used more Aussie women ie Julia Gillard, Cathy Freeman, Nicole Kidman, Ita Buttrose and Evonne Goolagong. It will be a hit with my patients!! Thanks for a great site.
Julianne 28th Feb 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Wendy
this a fantastic idea Thank you im going to run with this also
hope your doing well
Solange 21st May 2010 Diversional Therapist
Hi Rosalba, I have updated the quiz and inlcuded the answers. Cheers!
Rosalba 14th May 2010 Recreation Therapist
would like to knw where the answers are as i tried to google it up and has been taking ages....
Christine 4th Mar 2010
thank you for this I think Id try and add some aboriginal ladies who have made some in roads as well
Neide 22nd Feb 2010 Sister
Olá Solange!
Adorei o jogo de conhecimento acima. Me fez pensar um pouco em coisas que ha tempos havia esquecido. Mas nem tudo foi fácil pra mim, alguns eu acertei por lógica e uns poucos eu tive que pesquisar.