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Fatima 3rd Jun 2023 Lifestyle Support Worker

The Letter J Quiz #3

I did this activity to our client @ RHSWC & they love it. Thank u Golden Carers for making our clients happy & making our job easier.
Kalala 2nd Jun 2023 Diversional Therapist

Newsletter Template - July 2023

Thank you goldencarers , big help for me.
Michelle 2nd Jun 2023 Diversional Therapist

IBingo Free

we use this app its so good for residents with hearing impairment
ALINA 2nd Jun 2023 Administrator

This Day in History - June - Spanish Version

where can I find Edition 2 for today in history in spanish?
Lizzie 1st Jun 2023 Activities Leader

Fishing Game

Hello, we have just had fun painting these sea fish and creatures, and we have now had lots of fun playing the game, we used a small paddling pool to put the fish in. Hope you like our photos
Lisa 1st Jun 2023 Activities for Seniors

Describe Your Father

This is clever
Lisa 31st May 2023 Activities for Seniors

Turtles Quiz

Very interesting
Thank You
Yvonne 30th May 2023 Activity Assistant

Space Word Search

Hi Everyone, Golden carers is a Fantastic resource when planning Theme weeks. I am planning a Space and Science themed month of Activities for July. Thanks again. Yvonne Activity Asst. Australia
Marsha 30th May 2023 Program Planner

Italian Cities Word Search

How can I print word searches in Italian rather than English?
Donald 30th May 2023 Activities Aide

Tongue Twisters

No one can say friends fly free 5 times fast
Teresa 27th May 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Create Your Own Image Quiz!

Playing this today - wish there was a way to make the images larger - they are kind of small even on a large screen tv
John 25th May 2023 Activities Coordinator

The King's Crown Craft

hi Valeria. i didnt do a template as it was just a zigzag down the middle of an A4 piece of paper . you can get crown templates to print off on the internet x
Valeria 25th May 2023 Lifestyle Assistant

The King's Crown Craft

Why didn't you give the crown template?
Maurice 25th May 2023

True or False Quiz #6

Hi Lisa!

Yes you can, simply click "Make a Copy", then turn the images off. You can then also make any edits you want or need to the Quiz.
Gabriel 25th May 2023

Paper Planes Reminiscing Game

OMG This project helped so much
Martha Jeannette 24th May 2023 Lifestyle Assistant

Garden-Inspired Sensory Kit

Hello Susan
Do you have a shopping list for start, i am new and i do organizer the activities for the month
Laura 24th May 2023 Vibrant Living Assistant

Positive New Stories: Past Present & Future

Can we get an App for this site on our iPhones? I would like to use the app when at work to bring up short stories to read to my residents. I can not seem to find the app in the App Store.
Veronica 23rd May 2023 Lifestyle Assistant

Hangman - a whiteboard challenge

My residents thoroughly enjoyed the Hangman. Thank you so much.
CGV 23rd May 2023 Recreation and Rehab Manager

What is Elder Abuse?

Excellent report - should be shared with all staff with education for our Residents well being and care.
Annemarie 21st May 2023

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you for this excellent resource for music. I have been doing a piano time with residents with dementia for a number of years, with lots of songs, but still found quite a few here that I can add - and the quiz is a great idea! I know how extensive your research was in to providing this for everyone, as I had created my own lyric books in my volunteer position - thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this with everyone! One thing I am wondering about, however, is the lyrics for "Have I Told You Lately that I Love You". This is something that there are two completely different songs (melodies and lyrics) but share the same title. The one that you have included I recognize as having been sung by Rod Stewart (and perhaps others), but I know that there is another one that I think might be more in the era that you were going for. It is more of a country song written in 1944 and recorded in 1945 by Gene Autry (and later many others). Just not sure which one you were intending. Both are great songs.
Lisa 21st May 2023 Activities for Seniors

What Business Were They In? #2

Thank you!
Elizabeth Doxtator 21st May 2023

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you for your kindness and support. I love this site so I can be a part of my elderly family life.
I found laughter and sharing memories.
Geraldine 20th May 2023 Activities Coordinator

Springtime Bingo

Thank you
Roxanne 20th May 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Fads of the 1940s and 1950s

We often Play music and dance. It amazes me how many residents say, their parents always said it was a sin to listen to music or dancing. Crazy
Jo 18th May 2023 Planned Activity Worker/Diversional Therapist

Fun Riddle 16

Golden Carers continues to impress me day after day, so helpful, especially when one can be stuck for ideas.
Thank you
MALINDA 17th May 2023 Activities

Sample Weekly Program for Memory Care

Hi, I'm new to this Position and still learning new things. any suggestions would be a great help. I work with Alzheimer's & Dementia. Thanks in advance!
Beverly Ruth 16th May 2023 Leisure & Lifestyle Assistant

Spa Time Hand & Face Massages

I love this one and so want to incorporate it into our schedule of events.
Bernadette 16th May 2023 Activity Director

The Philippines Landmark Posters

Thank you so much, regarding the Philippines Landmark posters. I am from the Philippines and I am proud of the different nice scenic spots, like the beaches, mountains and 8 wonders of the world, the rice terrace in Baquio.
Phyllis 15th May 2023 Activities Director

Remembering the clothesline

This is another example of why I love this the last minute I can find just what I need for the day! This bit on the clothesline is wonderful! And I love the activity Deb described with having the residents hang clothes! This is an awesome and creative group of people!!
Diane 15th May 2023 Activity Coordinator

25 Fun Summer Trip Ideas

I work with Memory Care residents who are prone to elopement; so, we usually take drives that don't allow us to get off the bus. But, our highlight drive every year is called our Donkey Drive. We have a volunteer who lives on a small farm that has three donkeys. When we drive to her place, she has lawn chairs out and serves lemonade and cookies. She brings her best-behaved donkey (who happens to be 48 years old!!!) out to meet the residents, and they get to feed him apple slices and pet him. Our hostess regales the residents with stories about how she rescued the donkeys, and they just eat it up. We also take moments to admire her flower garden, and just enjoy the fresh air. This year, we were able to take a record number of people from the unit, along with some extra staff (thank goodness!), and it was the most perfect day. There were so many smiles!
Thank you for all the ideas!
JULIE 15th May 2023 Activity Coordinator

Seaside Bingo

How do you play the picture bingo please?
Many Thanks
Ashlyn 12th May 2023 Activities Director

Match Songs with Movies

Is there a playlist that goes with this game or do we need to make our own?
Lisa 11th May 2023 Activities for Seniors

Spot the Difference - Man on Phone

I use these every week.

Please keep them coming

thank you!
Linda 9th May 2023 Allied Health Assistant

A Day at the Office Bingo

Thank you - these are so perfect.
Arvida 9th May 2023 Wellness Leaders

Find The Missing Item Whiteboard Game

Thankyou there are some great ideas on here I've printed and laminated the nz bingo!!!!
Adelina 9th May 2023 DT

Famous Foursomes Quiz

A great quiz, thank you
Lorraine 9th May 2023 Diversional Therapist

Activity Goals Presentation

Quality improvement ideas are always welcoming.
I do cook club 1x monthly. I try to select quick easy recipes to promote sensory and reminiscence interests. The residents eat the end product, and I am mindful of dietary requirements. I have a 1-hour time frame which limits the experience, however, being organised overcomes this problem.
I am always looking for quality improvement ideas.
Robyn 8th May 2023 Lifestyle & Leisure Officer

Create Your Own Image Quiz!

I can't wait to play this with resistance this week. Thank you.
Gayle 6th May 2023

Recycled Hoy Game

When u get more then one hoy winner and u split the deck and one draws a ace and the other draws a 10 who is the winner
Kathy 6th May 2023

How to Plan Age Appropriate Activities for Seniors

For Colbi - It is obvious from your comments that you care about the Residents and want to do the best job you can! This is a wonderful job and we are honoured to be in a position to support our elderly Residents through their ongoing pursuit of recreation and leisure activities!
For all - When I think about what is 'age appropriate' I consider the age and history of the people I work with. These are older adults....not children. Think about how you wish your parent, grandparent, or yourself to be treated when their age.
Think 'meaningful, person-centred activity'. Get to know the Residents to them....their family....friends. Find out what is meaningful for each person? Rather than cartoons (which are primarily made for children), what TV programs/movies would they have watched and enjoyed during their adult years, or new releases they may enjoy now? Rather than nursery rhymes, what songs and poems did they enjoy during their adult years, or would like to learn or create now? Rather than colouring pages, what creative art projects did they enjoy in their adult years, or....would they enjoy learning now....and with real, quality art tools? Rather than preschool craft projects, what handicrafts (ie. weaving, quilting, woodworking, etc.) did they enjoy in their adult years, or would like to learn/experience now?
I encourage you and others to research "Goffman and the infantilization of elderly persons' for more background and insights on this issue. There is a long history of infantilizing Residents in long term care activity programs.....we can and must do better!
Karina 5th May 2023 Activities Director

This Day in History for Seniors: May

do you have this in different languages or just Spanish and English
Renee 4th May 2023 Activities Director

Astronomy Quiz

The residents will enjoy the Star Wars word find!
Ruth 4th May 2023 Self Employed Personal Carer & Memory Cafe Coordinator

Royal Bingo

Should it be God Save the King now ??
HELEN 1st May 2023 Engagement And Activity Co-ordinator

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

I've completed our Bored Board, thank you so much for the idea. The patients love it and all the staff have said how amazing it is :)
Geraldine 30th Apr 2023 Activities Coordinator

Springtime Bingo

Please can anyone tell me how you play springtime bingo? I've never played bingo and as i look at it i see all the residents will get the same results. Please help I am a new activities person and struggling.
Kind regards
Geraldine 30th Apr 2023 Activities Coordinator

Springtime Bingo

Please can anyone tell me how you play springtime bingo? I've never played bingo and as i look at it i see all the residents will get the same results. Please help I am a new activities person and struggling.
Kind regards
Francisca 29th Apr 2023 Religious

Royal Bingo

well done congratulation. very good idea
Anne Walton 29th Apr 2023

Pampering Facials for Senior Care

I’m 79 years old and have training in aromatherapy and I love doing facial and head massages as well as makeup though I’m not so good on my legs I’m more than capable to do sessions of face head and massages and makeup .
I’m board and need to do something with people to give them pleasure and lift me at the same time , young at hart and very lonely looking for to be useful.
Amy 29th Apr 2023

How to host an Olympic Games Theme Day

It's almost Summer again and I have been looking for games to play for our seniors, and man, I was sooooo happy to have found your website!! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful and doable activities!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God bless you all!!
Mary 29th Apr 2023 Activities Co Ordinator

Find The Missing Item Whiteboard Game

Rene , Hope you and your residents enjoy it thanks you