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Mary 12th Jan 2018 Activity Coordinator
Can I just say.
And thus isnt to demean anyone or be negative toward anyone. I just want to highlight.
Can we just remember we are enabeling adults not children. We are not about to soil anyones ears by telling a slightly naughty joke.
Some of the conversations I have in groups would curl my toes but I allow people to express themselves.
I see it as am with adults not children they would soon enough let me know if I told a joke THEY felt was inapropriate.
If it were a group of children then yes the 1st joke would be inapropriate.
Remember just because people are elderly doesnt mean they lost their sense of humour.
Genevieve 19th Jun 2017 Lifestyle Assistant
Not too keen on the first one, a tad inappropriate
Talita 19th Jun 2017
Sorry you didn't like it Genevieve! It's always hard to please everyone when it comes to jokes, it comes down to personal taste in the end.

There are lots of others on the site including jokes submitted by members:

If you have some good ones to share we'd love you to share them with us!

Thanks Gevenieve.