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Kymberly 30th Apr 2018 Activities Coordinator
For those who have done this, has it worked better to pick one common 'show & tell' day for everyone to bring something? I had in mind for people to take turns, and they seemed to be too self-conscious of what they were bringing, that it wasnt interesting enough, even despite my encouragement and everyone else's. Does everyone take turns talking about their item?
Colleen 6th Jun 2017 Diversional Therapist
Thankyou Talita, will certainly try the facebook group! Cheers
Colleen 29th May 2017 Diversional Therapist
Thankyou for writing in Morgan & Talita. I love my job, infact its not really a job - its my life. Thanks Morgan for your input & idea of involving care staff also! Please may I ask if any of your Residents would like a NZ Penpal please? Would love to help pair up some penpals for my special Residents. I am sure they would just love it. Just a thought.......or any other DT's/Activity Officers outside NZ, whom have any Residents wishing to share a special friendship with someone their age in another country? Thanks
Talita 5th Jun 2017
Hi Colleen, might I suggest you join our Facebook group, there is an international postcard exchange underway there:
Ellen 29th May 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
what a great idea will definately try this activity.
Morgan 25th May 2017 Activity Director
We do this at my facility in Wisconsin as well. We call it Show and Tell a Story. We have had a resident bring down rosary beads that her niece who is a nun gave her that were blessed by the Pope, a resident brought down a gorgeous drawing that she had done as she is a well awarded artist. One resident brought down a pin of her mother's that had the birthstones of her and her siblings on it. Another brought their class picture from her one room schoolhouse and had us guess which one was her.
We also encourage staff to bring things to share as it lets the residents get more of a peek into the lives of the staff members that are caring for them daily.
Talita 22nd May 2017
What a lovely activity idea. Thanks for sharing Colleen!