We have created mealtime placemats to assist with mealtimes, highlighting individual client needs.

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Darcey 19th Sep 2022 Activity Director
If needing to avoid HIPPA violations I am thinking maybe a person could make something similar but have them in a binder....so aides could reference but it not be out for the public eye. (?) Just a thought.
Susan 21st Sep 2022 Activity Director
Good thought Darcy
Dixie 29th Sep 2020 CNA/Activities
I love the idea, however, could this potentially be a HIPA violation? I realize that they could only be out at meal times but sometimes the residents sit with other residents. Just wondering...
Talita 29th Sep 2020
Thanks for your comments Dixie. As this member was originally submitted by a member in Australia I just thought I would clarify what that HIPAA is the "American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act". The Australian equivalent is the Privacy Act 1988.
Eily 13th May 2015 Lifestyle coordinator
Fantastic idea, im hoping this can be used without breaching the privacy and confidentiality of our clients.
Darla 6th May 2015 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Thank You Natasha.

I will take this idea to our team and village.

What a wonderful resource. Very Creative.

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