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Lifestyle 4th Nov 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
We always decorate haircombs and headbands with artificial flowers and feathers for our residents and celebrate on Oaks Day with fashions on the fields.
I have discovered through youtube it is easy to curl feathers just like curling ribbons with the back edge of a butter knife.
Lisa 25th Oct 2011 Diversional Therapist
Thank you Guys I am going to get some paper tomorrow and my residents are going to make their hats for next Tuesday. :)
Karen 22nd Oct 2011 Program Leader
You can also use large round paper plates and cut the circle out of the middle of these. We bought some great coloured ones at Spotlight to go with the flowers, net & feathers.
We also bought bright material to make bow ties for the men which will be attached to stiff paper bibs (for want of a better description) that they will decorate as tuxedos and wear over their shirts for some extra fun.
Solange 22nd Oct 2011 Diversional Therapist
Construction paper is paper used in kindergartens for projects and craft; some people know it as 'kindergarten' paper, others by construction paper e also cardboard paper. I never used the word 'cardboard' because I believe it implies thicker, rigid paper.Construction or kindergarten paper can be bended and folded easily making it ideal for aged care craft sessions.
Lisa 21st Oct 2011 Diversional Therapist
Hi everyone I am going to show my ignorance what is Kindergarten paper is that just cardboard? Dont laugh at me I am new at this...
Filidea 12th Nov 2010 D/T
I recently made hats for our ladies for oaks day. They were simple to make and the buzz around the facility was great.
I used small plastic plates and covered them with tissue paper, servetes and even wrapping paper.
I used ribbon, feathers, tule,flowers and straw to decorate. I used hot glue gun to stick on the comb with was attached to the inside of the hat. I have photos if you would like to see but im not sure how to upload on here.
Eileen 3rd Nov 2010 Diversional Therapist
Wow how simple and easy these are to make. My clients had a lot of fun making them..
Eileen Downs Rockhampton Qld Australia.
Christine 25th Oct 2010
Hi we are going to make these tomorrow I purchased nice artificial flowers from a discount store and some lovely butterflies!