Memory Tray Game for Teams

Memory Tray Game for Teams

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This is a fun memory game to play in a group setting!

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Judy 28th Feb 2023 Diversional Therapist
Hi, I have done a memory tray activity with my residents in a Dementia unit. I usually have about 10 items maximum, (everyday items). let them look at it for a reasonable amount of time. Then take it away. I ask them what they can remember from it. The resident who can tell me the most items wins. A combined effort usually gets all of the items on the tray.
Ruth 17th Feb 2023 Site Mgr
I will try this with my group, sounds interesting
Susan 19th Feb 2023 Activity Director
Hi Ruth
Let us know how it turns out
Amanda 17th Feb 2023 MEPAP Student
Hi, I did this today. I put a tablecloth on the floor and 12 objects. The group sat around and we held a large cloth in front of the objects (magician style) each time we removed an object. It worked great for a large group of residents and they loved it! Thank you
Gwyneth 10th Feb 2023 Volunteer
Hello Lorraine - that sounds a good idea, thanks for the feedback, it's worth a try. Gwyneth volunteer
Lorraine 8th Feb 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director
With our set up, I can't do the sitting around tables bit. Perhaps if I draw the "items" on a white board, let the residents study it, and then remove one at a time?
Amanda 30th Jan 2023 Activities Co-ordinator
Hi I actually do a different memory tray game with our very elderly residents thought I'd share it with you all .
So I place items like Coleman mustard tin and carnation milk tin, old coin, Bag of sweets , Chocolate cutlery,on tray .etc
I pass it round and repeat each time what is on tray ! Then I cover with a towel and remove an item and the residents have to try and remember what's missing X
Susan 31st Jan 2023 Activity Director
Hi Amanda
Thank you for sharing
KAREN 31st Jan 2023 Co-Ordinator - Semi Retired
Great idea, thank you
Roxanne 17th Feb 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I Love it