My residents loved this game and almost everyone can do it! 
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What You Need

  • Ping pong ball
  • Recycled containers - for example a small box, toilet paper tube, and a solo cup. Anything that a ping pong ball can go into.
  • Scotch Tape (for attaching containers to table)
  • Long table


  • Tape containers at one end of the table.
  • Place the amount of bingo money that can be won on each container. The harder it is to roll the ping pong ball into the container, the higher the dollar amount is.
  • Participants sit at the other end of the table and take turns rolling a ping pong ball down the table, hoping it will land in one of the containers.
  • My residents loved this game and almost everyone can do it! 

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Danielle 14th Jul 2022 Lifestyle Team Leader
What a great activity! I will definitely be using this one and they will enjoy the opportunity to win more Bingo Tokens. I love the term Bingo Bucks, I'll have to steal that!
Stephen 27th Nov 2021 Activities Assistant
This is such a great game, my residents loved it so much we have made this a weekly event!
Talita 30th Nov 2021
That's great to hear Stephen!! Thanks for your feedback!
Susan 28th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Angie
Thanks for spending the time to share this information
Susan 23rd Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Kalina
I think you can do what you would like in this game
Kalina 22nd Jul 2021 Activity Director
Once someone makes a ping pong ball into the "cup" to win the money, does it get replenished with money for the next participant or is it first come, first serve and when it runs out, it runs out? Do you allow everyone to have a turn and if there is still money left in the containers, do residents get an additional chance?
Angie 26th Jul 2021 Activity Director
We use bingo bucks so they can spend it in the bingo store. So everyone wins! If they don’t get any ping pong balls in any container then they get 1 bingo bucks for participating..
Eileen 20th Jul 2021 PCTL-Respite Manager
Thanks for sharing this wonderful activity Angie. We will be trying this with our respite clients next week.
Angie 21st Jul 2021 Activity Director
You are welcome! I hope they enjoy it. My residents are ready to play it again next month!!
Faith 16th Jul 2021 Healthcare professional
Thanks for sharing Angie,I'm sure our residents will love it.
Talita 15th Jul 2021
Thanks for sharing Angie, what a fun activity!
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