Morning Annoucements

Morning Annoucements

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Give the morning announcements during breakfast or right after. This is a good way to set the residents and staff up for the day.

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Dawn 24th Jan 2023 Service Coordinator
We don't have a PA system, but we do have a program called One Call Now. It's a subscription service. We can record messages or type them in. Then they go out as a phone call to the whole group or to chosen smaller groups. It has really helped us to get information out without going door to door or leaving notes.
Gail 6th Jan 2023 Diversional Therapist
I have been doing the morning announcements for the past 15 years, and our residents really looked forward to them each morning. Unfortunately, I was instructed by our head office, late last year, that i had to stop, because I was using the fire system PA, and this is not permitted. So many residents, staff and families have expressed their disappointment. I have also found that attendance at many activities has dropped off, simply because I can't get around to every room to remind people, even though everyone has a printed copy of the activities program. (We have 144 residents)
Susan 6th Jan 2023 Activity Director
Hi ladies
Hopefully you can get some help especially trying to gather residents to go to Activities This article might help you even though it’s not exactly what you’re looking for
Lesly 6th Jan 2023 Activity Director
Unfortunately we're not allowed to do overhead announcements because it is contrary to a "homelike" environment which can lead to a citation during survey. Morning announcements sound fun though!
Christine 30th Dec 2022 Activities Director
I absolutely love this idea! We will be starting this tomorrow morning! Thank you.