Noodle Ball

Noodle Ball

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Karen 31st Dec 2021 Asst Director Of Activities
This sounds like fun, we’ll have to give it a try.
Talita 3rd Jan 2022
Thanks for your feedback Karen, we'd love to hear how it goes!
Margaret 16th Oct 2018 Senior Recreational Therapist
Hi there everyone,
We have started to do this exercise but we use fly swats and balloons. It is a great form of exercise and everyone in our day rooms enjoy it immensely. Actually some of our residents have gotten quite competitive. Works really well and very inexpensive to set up.

Sylvia 24th Aug 2018 Activities Director
I love this game residents enjoy using the Noodle , the colors . They laugh and socialize together , thank you .
Gillian 16th Aug 2018 House Wife
This activity sounds great we shall have to try it out in our group. Thank you!!
Shirley 15th Aug 2018 Memory Care Coordinator
We have played this game in our memory care unit for several years. We love it. It is amazing how competitive memory care folks can get.
The end of summer pool noodles can be found for a dollar each. We use the slender noodles as they are easier to hold on to. 10.00$'s invested in 10 noodles and you end up with 20 noodles (each noodle cut in half). It's a 10.00$ investment that will last you for years!
Trish 14th Aug 2018 Activities Director
Because we have a resident that is afraid of balloons and breaking balloons, we use a beach ball with the noodles and call it "Whack a ball." We sit along two 8 foot rectangular tables and some residents' family members come and help because the beach ball always goes off the table at the end I'm not at. It's a wonderful moving, shaking and exercising game.
Darla 14th Aug 2018 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Good Morning Trish,

We use Mylar balloons for this activity. These type of balloons can be found at the Dollar Store, and are blown up with a straw. The can re-refilled as the air leaks out, but a straw will re-fill.
We switched to Mylar because staff are allergic to latex in our facilities.
Have Fun!

Tombizodwa 14th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
We also do this at our facility, we call it seated hockey, the residents sit each team on one side facing each other, with one team aiming to score on the opposite end, the residents love it, they just become so energetic.
Hank 12th Aug 2018 REC & ACT
We do this at our facility and they LOVE it!!