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Jegatha 5th Feb 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle coordinator
I love Golden Carers. Best resources. Thank You.
Talita 8th Feb 2019
Thanks so much Jegatha!
yasmin 14th Jan 2018 Recreational therapist
I am so confident that my residents will love pancake making.some of the female residents are very good with cooking ideas.I am goog to make it for australia day,group activity
Talita 21st Jan 2018
Good luck Yasmin, I'm sure it will go well! Thanks for your feedback!
Solange 5th Mar 2011 Diversional Therapist
Thanks for your enthusiasm!!
Valerie 5th Mar 2011 Diversional Therapist
Oh I am so excited I can't wait to try all these things out with the resident's glad I joined.thank you very much
Johnette 7th Feb 2010 Activities Officer
I love Golden Carers!!!! Its the best resource any DT could ever have. Australia Day was GREAT!!! Many thanks, Johnette