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D'Ayrne 30th Jan 2017
We have had great fun and many laughs in previous years with pancake tossing using small, cold frypans for the residents and staff running races (while tossing pancakes) with the residents being in charge of starting the race and judging the winner!
Ksisha 18th Feb 2023 Program Director
Can you provide more details please?
Pam 3rd Jan 2017 Recreation
We did a pancake great reviews:

We made the pancakes in the rec room and had a cart go around with the toppings`
which were pie fillings warmed up OMG delish; blueberry, apple (the fav) cherry and strawberry along with whip cream. They wanted to do this monthly:)serve with the breakfast beverages and it went over very well.
Talita 9th Jan 2017
Thanks Pam, great idea! Another member has just submitted an activity along the same lines..
Sharon 11th Mar 2015 RAO
Good idea Astrid will be doing this on our bus outings in future. We also cook pikelets at the facility on our BBQ, and the residents love helping, and eating the pikelets.
Nita 18th Feb 2015 Lifestyle officer
At my work, we organised fundraising pancake cooking yesterday. All staffs, residents and visitors had great time and we are able to collect good fund, going to use for seniors week.
Louise 28th Feb 2014 recreation therapist
Sounds great and very easy to entertain & feed them with this treat at the same time, hope to give it ago. Thank you Louise
Astrid 28th Feb 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
We often take the pancake mix and ingredients and toppings with us on our weekly bus outings and cook the pancakes on picnic ground BBQs for afternoon tea. Elders assist cooking and enjoy making and eating the pancakes outdoors.
Anglicare - Karen 24th Oct 2016 Lifestyle Lead
What a good idea. I've been looking at our start of year calendars for next year and our Bus Outing day falls on Shrove Tuesday. I didn't even think to cook our own. I was going to try to find a place that would be willing to put on a "Pancake Buffet" with lots of toppings available. Kind of like an Ice cream bar but with pancakes. Maybe I'll do it myself though :)

Danielle, Lifestyle Assistant