Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

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Create an engaging Picture Guessing Game using PowerPoint. This guide will walk you through the steps to design an interactive and fun game. 

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Amanda 21st Jul 2023 Activities Coordinator
This was so extremely helpful to me! I really appreciate your instructions. This helped me make a State Fair Foods themed reveal a picture! Thank you!
Doug 7th Dec 2021 Fitness Trainer
Great idea but I can't get some of the functions to work on my iMac - specifically the "control D" to duplicate my rectangle
Maurice 9th Dec 2021
Hi Doug!

There are two ways to dupliate an object in Power Point.

1. The simplest is press CTRL + D together, which simply duplicates the shape

2. The other is to hold down the CTRL button, and then click and drag the object with your mouse.

Let me know how you go, I hope that helps.
Colleen 20th Oct 2020 Lifestyles
Virginia, this is fantastic. In the process of making several for our residents. Thank you so much
Virginia 20th Oct 2020 Activities Specialist
Hi Susan and Susan! It is a reveal a picture game. You make a customer/residents pick a number and you open that up and will eventually reveal or give them a clue of what the picture is behind those tiles.
Susan 18th Oct 2020 Recreation Director
hi- I don't really understand how it is played. Is this like a tile matching game where there are two hidden pairs and they have to find the matching pairs? Your description was kind of vague. Does this game work for memory care residents?
Susan 19th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Hi Susan
It looks to me as if it is matching numbers and then reviewing the pictures slowly as the matches are completed
I would say in order to make this work for memory challenged residents Use only a few numbers and simple pictures
I would try the low tech version with post it notes over picture and see how it goes
Carly 16th Oct 2020 Activities Coordinator
I'm going to try this with a poster and post it notes as a low tech version, what a fabulous idea thank you
Erika 16th Oct 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Thank you, Virginia. I tried this on Wednesday with my residents, it was great. Only one thing! I'll have to make the subjects more difficult as they were too good. Thanks again.
Virginia 16th Oct 2020 Activities Specialist
Happy to hear it worked for you, Erika! It can be used in a lot of activities. I do trivia games with this too, but instead of pics. I have letters hiding behind the tiles. I also do The Price Is Right, Bingo Board (so our customers don't keep asking which number has been called). It is unlimited what you can do applying pretty much the same technique. God Bless!
Shirley 15th Oct 2020 Act Director
Thank you
Virginia 13th Oct 2020 Activities Specialist
You're very welcome, Talita!
Shirley 8th Oct 2020 Act Director
Virginia 13th Oct 2020 Activities Specialist
You're very welcome, Shirley! Glad to have shared something.
Talita 8th Oct 2020
Wow Virginia! Thank you for sharing, this is a wonderful activity and the instructions are so helpful!