Rhythm Activity with Percussion Instruments

Rhythm Activity with Percussion Instruments

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Gloria 31st May 2018
I can totally agree what a excellent activity this is . I do use music in my gentle exercise class everyone reacts to music in a positive way . I will be trying this in the near future .
Talita 4th Jun 2018
Love to hear how it goes Gloria! Thanks for your feedback.
Susan 12th May 2018
Definitely aids in engagement and fun!
Susan 11th May 2018
I'm Lisa and I am Susans assistant, I also like to use egg shakers in various rhythmic patterns, tapping together and having them put their hands up, and tap their neighbors eggs, but tell them to only look one direction, as going back and forth is confusing. Also the Dalcroix method is one to foster musical appreciation while using the body as the main instrument, and slowly incorporating the rhythm instruments one at a time, then all together, then removing certain ones so the timbre and color changes ,much like an orchestra, letting them try to conduct ,with me or on their own, having fun creating new sounds.
Resident Program 26th Apr 2018
We use rhythm instruments such as the above mentioned when we do our exercise class. I have seen marked improvement in engagement when we do this - it adds another dimension, and, well, its just fun :)
Marcela 26th Apr 2018
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