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Lesley Jane 19th Jan 2017
Thanks again for this fun activity. I had eleven residents take part and they all enjoyed making the mixture and feeling the texture of the dough whilst kneading the dough. Painting the next day again was fun and sticking the magnets on the back. Each resident was proud of their shape and have these being displayed on their mirror in their rooms. Thanks again for the great ideas.
Sharon 8th May 2016
What temperature do you have the oven?
Solange 10th Oct 2012
Hi Tracy, thank you for sharing. I am glad it worked well for you.
Tracy 10th Oct 2012
Hi all, Our day club (demential specific) has just completed this activity with a group of pre-school children who meet with us each month. We did it over 2 months.Created one month, painted the next. It was a fantastic activity. And even though some of our creations were on the "odd" side, the activity itself was so worthwhile. It was a great bonding activity to be part off.
Jessie 29th May 2012
magnets often arrive in mail boxes from R.E. agents, promotional advertising, etc. I haven't had to buy any yet. Jess. F.B.C.
Solange 28th Jan 2012
You can buy magnetic strips in craft shops and if you buy online, EBay also sell them. All the best, Solange
Louise 27th Jan 2012
Just wondering where you can find magnetic strips?
Solange 27th May 2011
Thank you Julie, you are quite right, the salt dough items should be sprayed with varnish for endurance.

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