As the saying goes - One Person's Trash is Another Person's Art - Scavenger Collages can be made of almost anything you find or intend to throw out.  This is also a great activity for men in nursing homes.
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As the saying goes "One Person's Trash is Another Person's Art". Scavenger Collages can be made of almost anything you find or intend to throw out. 

Also called 'Trash Collage' in North America, this is a unique art form; creating collages and sculptures from bits and pieces you have no other use for or that you found in your garage, drawers or even on the streets. Save unwanted items from becoming landfill!

Themes for Scavenger Collage:

  • Ocean Collages
  • Plastic Collages
  • Yarn/String Collages
  • Photo Collages
  • Buttons Collages
  • Metal collages
  • Bits and Pieces collages
  • Magazine/Newspaper Collages
  • Animal Collages
  • Nature collage


Promotion and awareness of environment issues.


  • Anything small and no longer required - see above for ideas
  • PVA Glue and chop sticks
  • Art Canvas boards


  • Ask participants to choose what they would like to do. Explain the available 'themes' you have organized.
  • If they choose to do a flower or a fish like the example photos, draw the outline in pencil first to make it easier.
  • Give each participant a small box full of: metal bits or shells of various sizes or small plastic materials (buttons, lids, small toys), pebbles of various kinds. Some may just enjoy to make a picture out of magazine or newspaper pieces.
  • Give each participant a container of PVA glue and a chop stick to move pieces around.
  • Demonstrate by picking one item, dipping it into the glue and placing it inside the drawing or otherwise starting the picture for them.
  • If you think it necessary, give participants a pair of tweezers to move items around (participants may not like to have their hands messy)
  • When done, allow to dry overnight, especially when material is heavy such as metal.

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Susan 2nd Jul 2020 Activity Director
Hi Sandra thank you for sharing
SandrA 1st Jul 2020 Retired/carer
We did the scavenger picture yesterday it worked really well. I collected all the junk drew the template and left Hubble to it. When he was satisfied I took a photo tipped all the junk off and then I recreated it using glue ,my husband Hates getting messy
Talita 6th Jul 2020
Thank you for sharig Sandra - love it!
Jacqui 21st Dec 2016 Diversional Therapist
great idea can also use them for tactile touch with people with dementia
Kate 2nd Jan 2014 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
a step further could be to ask the residents if they would like to spray paint their piece in a particular colour
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