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Susan 16th Dec 2020 Activity Director
Hi Robert
Are these activities to simple for your residents??
Robert 16th Dec 2020 Activities Manager
That is absolutely great! I never heard the story, but what is even greater is that I can share with our residents the very first crossword presented to our world. Thanks for posting some interesting content.
I would like to put the word out to Golden Carers that I would like to see more content (like this) that is geared towards independent seniors- I have a lot of seniors here who are still sharp as a tack and they need more challenging stimuli. My challenge has been finding new age appropriate material for those 55 to 75 that is fun.
Talita 22nd Dec 2020
Thanks for your feedback Robert! We will introduce a new category to help people find this sort of content. Thanks again!
Janice 11th Nov 2013 Recreation Therapist
Hi, what a wonderful thing to read to my clients who love crosswords. Have you the answers to the first ever crossword.
Thanks Janice
Catherine 27th May 2020
Hi Janice, if you scroll down you will find the completed crossword answers. Gilly