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Lori 24th Dec 2017 Activity
What are some things to write on the papers
kerri 5th Nov 2015 Diversional Therapist
I played a game with my residents where I decorated a special hat. We sat in a circle and each person had a turn of wearing the hat and making up a story about where they were going in their 'special hat' . They residents went to all kinds of places from the Palace to meet the Queen, to the beach wearing matching bikinis, to the races to drink champagne. It was really fun and they were so creative with their stories.
julie 25th May 2015 Diversional Therapist
We do a similar thing and call it show and tell. residents bring something that they value and show and talk about the item. This also gets the conversation going.
Alla 12th May 2015 Recreational Therapist
Agree with the previous lady re: "could you please give some examples of the kinds of things that are written on the notes".
Christina 11th Mar 2014 Activity Co-ordinator
Hi Anjanie .. .love this idea ... could you please give some examples of the kinds of things that are written on the notes, thanks, Tina K
Christine 28th Aug 2013 Volunteer reader
Thank you...I love it. Christine.
Denise 13th Jul 2013 Residential services Leisure ans lifestyle program manager
We recently did something similar at our organisation, which was getting each resident to bring to the activities room a favorite photo.We then all discussed where, when and what they were doing when the photo was taken. This brought on great conversation and reminiscing. It was also such an easy activity to coordinate
Dianne 12th Jul 2013 Lifestyle coordinator
I great Idea for engaging residents in reminiscing and reflecting back on past memories of the days when they used to wear hats.
Heather 26th Jun 2013
Love this idea... thanks Anjanie.
talita 17th Jun 2013
Thank you Anjanie!