Dedicate a day of tabletop games to the Olympics!

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Solange 14th Jul 2012 Diversional Therapist
Great ideas Elspeth, thank you for sharing.
Elspeth 13th Jul 2012 Activities Officer
2008 Olympic games St Anne\'s held an Olympic Activities day. There were some very positive comments about 2 events I organised that are different from the ones you have already mentioned:
A ribbon twirling competition with a 2m ribbon attached to a cardboard roll : residents take turns to create artistic patterns. Our residents were already divided into 2 teams, so one team got to choose the best performer from the other team and vice versa).
Weightlifting competition: I made an enormous dumbbell out of cardboard and we took photos of each resident pretending to strain as they lifted it. The other residents were encouraged to yell out support and clap each person\'s act. It was a great \"icebraeker and this year I will hold this competition at the beginning of the session (after \"warm up\" exercises)
yours faithfully, Elspeth Holgate
Solange 25th Jul 2011 Diversional Therapist
Hi Debbie, very interesting your ideas for Olympic themed day. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Debbie 24th Jul 2011 Lifestyle & leisure Coordinator
My name is Debbie and I work as a lifestyle and leisure coordinator. We recently had an Olympic Day Celebration. I made an olympic torch and made flags representing each of our resident lodge names which we started with an opening ceremony. Everyone clapped while each lodge representatives carried the flag and torch. We had shot put throwing comp using small sand bags with an awards ceremony following. Then a discus comp using plastic plates followed by awards. Then a comp where everyone tried to roll a large potato into a bucket lying on the floor 3 meters away. 2 high care residents won this award. Egg and spoon race using plastic spoons and ping pong balls was lots of fun. Staff also got involved carrying a spoon in each hand and one in the mouth.