Here are 2 sample speeches you can use to address volunteers and recognize their contribution to your community.

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Bulou 10th Feb 2015
my boss is leaving can you please write speech ideas. i have been struggling to write one
Maria 1st Nov 2012
wendy 24th Aug 2010 recreation therapist/care
Thankyou so much for your speech idea. Does anyone have an idea/s for small personal gift to give out to our volunteers (approx.30in all) that we/residents and staff could put together and low costing also. Thankyou
Julie 21st Sep 2017 recreation
Pinterest has a great stash of "thank you for volunteering" to attach to gum, candy etc.... I've had residents help make them up and hand out to those that help up with bingo etc.
Fiona Dart 19th May 2010 Recrecation Therapist
Thanks for your comment Lynnette, The volunteers day was a great success.
Im now hosting a Hawaiin luncheon & have some performers dancing.Has anyone done this at their faciliy & do you know any games with hawaiin theme in mind that suits mainly low care?
Hope someone can help. Thanks Fiona
lynnette 13th May 2010 Recreational Activities Offer
Hi, just tell it like it is. without their help you would not be able to offer the recreational & leisure experiences that you do, they are essential to your work place by donating their time & engery to make a positive difference to others. Say you recognise & you thank them for their high level of committment,Let them know also that they are not only making your job & others more productive but that they are sending a powerfull message to young people that as a communiyt we are all responsiable for each other. Hope this helps Lynnette
Fiona Dart 12th May 2010 Recrecation Therapist
Thank You so much for your lovely speech, It's say's what i wanted to say but can never find the right words.
Thank you again.
I love your site & will be promoting it with others in our line of work.

Thanks you again for taking the time to help me,
Solange 11th May 2010 Diversional Therapist
In response to your request, I have written a small sample of a speech in appreciation of volunteers (above). You will have to adapt it for yourself and perhaps expand a little to suit your needs. A speech of two minutes is quite adequate for this occasion. Speak slowly and clearly. When you say the names of your volunteers look them in the eyes and smile. Make sure you don't forget to mention the names of every volunteer.

Good luck!
Lori 18th Nov 2023 Activity
Lori 18th Nov 2023 Activity
This site is wonderful
Fiona Dart 10th May 2010 Recrecation Therapist
Hi There, Im struggling to put a short speech together for our volunteers luncheon, does anyone have anything to offer. Im bad with speeches but they are so important in our work & I want to give them the credit they deserve in words. Please help.