Create a board that shows the location of your care home and where residents and staff come from. On individual arrows put the country of origin and how many kilometres they are from their birth place to where they now live.

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Jayleen 16th Feb 2023 Activity Assistant
We did this project today, and it was excellent! What a great idea! The residents and staff all loved sharing their stories and learning about each other. Wonderful!
Teresa 18th Oct 2020 Activites
Over the top wonderful in so many ways. Everyone has a story to share regarding where they are from, cultural highlights and all the memories that will come out with this activity! Thank you Jill ; )
Dawn 18th Sep 2020 Gerontology

As a new member I am excited to explore the possibilities that will empower being an advocate for Alzheimer’s and dementia
Dawn Baranowski
Talita 20th Sep 2020
Hi Dawn, I'm sure you will find a lot of relevant material here, all the best!
Talita 17th Sep 2020
Wow Jill, this is amazing! Thank you for sharing, what a wonderful idea!