Gorgeous bow-tie and tie garland decorations for Father's Day. Perfect for a craft session with seniors.
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  • Thick Cardboard for creating templates
  • A4 sized paper in various colours
  • Glue and brushes
  • String
  • Decorations: magazines, old calendars, glitter, polka dots, stars, markers in different colours or coloured pencils (paint is not suitable; printer / copy paper is too thin)
  • Paper loops should be 1/4 inches x 9 inches (6cm x 25cm).


  • Download templates of ties and bowties
  • Trace onto thick cardboard or cardstock to serve as templates
  • Use templates to make ties and bowties on colored paper
  • Decorate as desired
  • Glue on string by placing a little glue on the back of dotted line and folding over the string
  • For looped tie:
    • start by gluing first the tie top to the main tie.
    • Then fold and glue tie top ends backwards to form a loop.
    • Continue attaching loop to tie and so on.

Hang on walls, glass windows, doors, or ceilings.

Happy Father’s Day!

Files included:

Download Image

Looped Tie 1

Download Image

Looped Tie 2

Download Image


Download Image


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Heather 23rd May 2019 Diversions Therapist
Thank you for these great ideas for Fathers Day. I am always thinking/ looking for something for the men to do on this day. This year Fathers Day will be special. Thank you for your help.
Talita 27th May 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Heather!
Layla 30th Jun 2018 Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator
Very helpful to plan crafts activities for care recipients which they enjoy doing
Talita 1st Jul 2018
Thank you so much for your feedback Layla!
No Avatar