Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows

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Colourful decorations to brighten residents' own rooms.

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Talita 19th Dec 2019
Hi Heather, this activity was posted by Belinda in the UK. It probably has a different name in Canada - perhaps you would know this as:
contact paper,
self-adhesive plastic sheets,
or black sticky vinyl
It is the sort of thing you could cover books with. According to google:

Sticky backed plastic is a self-adhesive plastic sheet, known in the United Kingdom as sticky-backed plastic, is wide plastic sheet or film with an adhesive layer on one side, used as a surface coating for decorative purposes. ... The plastic is often PVC.

Hope this helps!
Heather 17th Dec 2019 Life Enrichment & Program Manager
What is sticky backed plastic??
Heather 19th Dec 2019 Life Enrichment & Program Manager
Under the listing for Materials it has "sticky backed plastic". I have never heard of this before and I was wondering what is it and where you get it?

Black paper or card
sticky backed plastic
tissue paper of all colours

Belinda 9th Dec 2019 Occupational Therapy
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Tissue Paper Stained Glass Windows