Test your knowledge of Christmas traditions from around the world!

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Shelly 5th Dec 2021 Volunteer
This True/False Christmas Traditions game would even better if the true answer were included, for a little learning experience.
Talita 15th Dec 2018
Thank you so very much for your kind words Terri!
Terri 12th Dec 2018 Retired
I am a volunteer at an assisted-living facility and your website never fails to supply me with things to do! It has been well worth the money! Thank you!
Luisa 10th Dec 2018 Home Coordinator
I have just become a member I'm hoping it going to take some of the stress away.
Talita 15th Dec 2018
I hope so too Luisa! All the best!
Kim 18th Dec 2018 Registered Nurse
Hi Luisa , Christmas can be a stressful time for any care worker. If you be yourself, keep it light and bright and enjoy what you do , it will transfer to your resident. Good luck, enjoy what you do and know you are making a difference to vulnerable peoples lives, well done to you. Merry Christmas.
Talita 8th Dec 2018
Thank you so much for your feedback Melanie, this means so much to us!
Melanie Felicity 6th Dec 2018 Recreational Activities Officer
I am so glad i became a member.The material on this website is inspirational .