Ukulele fun

Ukulele fun

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Maureen 27th Feb 2016 activities officier
I have joined a ukulele group and for a person who is no musical abilities I mostly love the singing but when I am not feeling on top of the world the uke gets me going Join up Learn it if I can do it anyone can.
Vladica 8th Apr 2014
To Robert
Sorry to hear about Mike - I have purchased couple of his books when I was just starting out to learn to play the uke -
I do ukulele most Friday pm - we have lot of fun, I play yesteryear songs new ones as well as our residents are of mixed age group. Music is life, evokes sad and happy emotions - good therapy for all.
Happy strumming - Vladica
Robert 5th Apr 2014 AIN
I love taking my uke in for sing-alongs I was taught by a mate 40 years ago and he went on and made a career out of it. His name is Mike Jackson and his website is all you will ever need is on this site. I caught up with Mike a couple of weeks ago. He has been diagnosed with Parkinson's and has slowed down a bit, but he is still out there.. singing and teaching.
denise 7th Dec 2013 personal carer
could we have the internet site please it sounds like great fun
Our dementia residents love singalong I take my ukulele or guitar. Made up books so the residents can sing along too. I'm not the flashiest uke or guitar player but as long as they are enjoying it so what?
Marina 25th Aug 2013 Diversional Therapist I/T
Ukelele is a wonderful instrument. I also lear It is snt on the internet and my dementia clients just come alive when I play. Dr Uke is also an excellent website, you can download songs and you can listen to how the song is played. It is such an easy instrument to learn.
Three of us from where I work in Cessnock are all taking Ukulele lessons together. Such fun. Two gigs so far with residents.
talita 29th Jul 2013
What a fabulous idea!
Ron 29th Jul 2013 RAO
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