A Valentine's Day Themed Bingo to enjoy!
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Valentine Bingo

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Joan 14th Feb 2021 Activity Director
My Memory Care Units loved Valentine Bingo. They had so much fun.
Talita 22nd Feb 2021
That's so good to hear! Thanks for your feedback Joan x
Zara 16th Feb 2020 Centre Manager
The st valentines day dementia bingo activity was a great success.We have mostly middle stage dementia club members and this can be quite challenging at times, keeping everyone happy.
We found those most able to play helped the others which was a joy to see, they especially love a small winners prize .
thankyou once again
Susan 17th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Hi Zara
I am glad that bingo was a success for you there’s also a bingo game for those with dementia
Kelly 14th Feb 2019 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Great, looking forward to it Sara. Your bingo is the best I have found. It isn't too childish looking and that is important.
Kelly 13th Feb 2019 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Sara, will you be sharing a St. Patrick's bingo like you've been having for the other holidays? I love your bingo games.
Sara 13th Feb 2019
I will work on the St. Patrick's day bingo this week and post it as soon as I finish :) I also made other themed picture bingo games I will post as well
Sara 4th Jan 2019 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Valentine Bingo
Talita 4th Jan 2019
Another gorgeous bingo game Sara! Thanks so much for sharing!
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