Valentine's Day poster for printing.

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Maurice 10th Feb 2021
Sorry everyone, all fixed!
Lisa 9th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Mine is getting cut off as well!
Emily 6th Feb 2020 Activity Director
I can't get mine to print correctly? It is cutting off half of the page?
Talita 6th Feb 2020
Hi Emily,

I just printed it and it printed nicely for me. Is it possible that your printer is on a portrait setting? You will need it in landscape to print this one.
Jackie 28th Jan 2020 Director
All good printed first time..
Susan 14th Feb 2019 Activities Co Ordinator
Tried to print the valentines posters off but no success anyone else having the same problem.
Maurice 14th Feb 2019
Hi Susan,

Did you hit the download button? It may take a few seconds, but it should then load the following page, which will let you print the poster: