Here are some suggestions to help you put together your own Vive la France Party!

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Jacquie 5th Oct 2021 Activities Coordinator
how do you keep 6-8 ladies busy baking muffins? we are planning to bake some muffins together but I'm not sure how to make it fun with only a few people needed?
DO I need to have stations for mixing and putting in the pans and washing dishes??

Any tips would be appreciated
karen 27th Jan 2018 Activities Officer
Hi ,I love Paris and France so I'm looking at your Bastille Day party activities. Like the idea of the French artist- very French street appeal!! We have fun theme days so I'll be planning our Vive-la -France party for July. Better get the" Bernina" out to run up a few checked tablecloths and some old wine bottles with the melted candles! Cheers!
Bon Soir
AO in Newcastle NSW.
Talita 4th Feb 2018
We'd love to see some pictures Karen! Theme parties are fun!
Solange 20th Jul 2010 Diversional Therapist
I am glad it worked out well for you Dulcie.
dulcie 16th Jul 2010 occupational therapy assistant
hi the vive la france day party we had at work was the best we baked croissants in the morning and had the party in the afternoon the residents ate it with coffee and enjoyed the artist drawing them with a quiz and and good fun thanks for the ideas it was great .
Beaucare 10th Jun 2010 Lifestyle Assistants
would like more variety of activiites and quizes for mental stimulation as we have some people attend mutiple days