All volunteers need to keep record of their hours. Here is a simple editable form that facilitates the process.

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Taryn 5th Jan 2015 Activities coordinator
I like this!
Sally 28th May 2014 Activities Coordinator
Why do they need to do this?
Stephenie 3rd Jun 2014 Recreation Therapist
Hi Sally, it is really nice to have a record of your volunteer hrs so you Congratulate and Thank them on their Volunteering milestones.
Solange 4th Jun 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Sally,

Volunteers usually keep their hours for a few reasons. For the volunteer, it can add a nice dimension to their 'Curriculum Vitae' when looking for a job. For the Volunteers' Coordinator the keeping of record provides accountability; is the volunteer program working? Is the turnover of volunteers excessive? What could be done to improve the volunteer's program? For the facility, it goes along with the 'Continuous improvement' efforts to raise a residential aged care facility's performance as per Accreditation Standards Agency's requirements.

I hope this can help.
dorothy 11th Sep 2012 diversional therapist
great idea thanks i will definately use this