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Amida 17th Oct 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
Being responsible for the Connection and life quality for our community members can be daunting but having access to so many brilliant and innovative ideas from Golden carers supports us to better support our Elderly friends.
Much Gratitude for the time you have put into this essential leisure and health Toolkit.
Talita 20th Oct 2019
Thank you so very much for your kind words Amida, we appreciate it so much. All the best to you!
Angela 14th Mar 2010 Therapy Coordinator
We do this with residents in wheelchairs as well.Ask them for the pleasure of this dance then wheel them to the dance floor and hold their hands, swaying to the music or gently move the wheelchair. This is also great for reminiscing as for lot of our residents this was their social life in their younger days and many met their husbands at dances.