Whiteboard Word Quiz

Whiteboard Word Quiz

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Steph 29th May 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
You are most welcome

Just wanted to say to everyone here,
Keep doing an amazing job.
Steph 26th May 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
We did one aboard a Yacht, (We wanted to escape winter) I asked each resident, "What will you bring?" They came up with some simple things such as suitcase, various superstars, multitude of alcoholic beverages and some really wild things, some of the items are illegal (you get the idea) yet, it this was one of the funniest things I have experienced. Then other residents joined in as they heard laughter and squeals of delight. Of course this also started reminiscing along the way. What started as an hour activity became the whole day as the residents (even those with dementia) wanted to keep adding to the list of things to take on the Yacht and the various places they wanted to visit.
Susan 27th May 2020 Activity Director
This sounds wonderful Steph
You never know what will happen in an activity
Thanks for sharing
Meg 6th Nov 2018 Life Enrichment Director
Group activity, White board, Topic "we are going shopping to decorate the house for Christmas!" The list goes on...…. We just did one for camping trip they listed everything from tents to marshmallows! So Much fun!
Talita 10th Nov 2018
This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing Meg x
Kayleigh 26th Jul 2018 Coordinator for The Intermissions Program
We do this in my group as well. They have great fun with it!
Elaine 25th Jul 2018 PCW
I play a similar game, depending on the topic/theme for example winter I ask the clients to give me words starting with "wi".
They try and better themselves with getting more words each time.
Kathy 26th Aug 2018 Activities Director
Elaine, I like the idea of adding the second letter. Will have to try it out. Thanks!