13 Ways to Include Math In Your Activity Calendar

13 Ways to Include Math In Your Activity Calendar

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Using daily and familiar operations, you can give seniors the chance to use their brains in a different way.

Math might not be everyone's favorite subject, but its foundations are in daily tasks like grocery shopping or in more complex tasks like construction. Using these daily and familiar operations, you can give seniors the chance to use their brains in a different way.

In this article we cover:

  • Why Consider Math Activities?
  • Math Activity Inspiration
  • 13 Math-Based Activities

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Julie 13th Sep 2022 Activty Director
We incorporate some counting into our Cranium Crunches program, using counting by 1, 2, 5, 10, 100, forwards and backwards. Once they recognize the patterns, most people join in, even those who rarely participate! Residents seem to enjoy the exercise.
Susan 9th Nov 2022 Activity Director
Hi Julie
Great idea
Maria 26th Jul 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator - Newmans on the Park
I found this website and print out the maths problems for the residents to complete .

Arlene 13th Feb 2020 Activity Director
We are doing a ton of math sheets ( about 3rd grade) division, multiplication, addition, etc. The residents are having so much fun doing the math and when they return it to me they get a small treat and at the end of the month the resident that returns the most math papers will get a special prize. I have had residents that that normally don't participate requesting more math sheets daily. In March we are doing Math March Madness, where all activities will be dealing with numbers of some sort. I will also be placing decorative random numbers throughout the building and then we will have a number "OF THE DAY" the first one to find the daily number will get a prize, this will encourage them to walk around more to find the number.. March is gonna be fun!!
Susan 14th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Hi Arlene
Your ideas sound like great fun and I am glad you are getting such great cooperation we have many math activities that you might want to try
Thank you again for sharing
Lisa 21st Sep 2019 Retired
Here is a downloadable ‘book’ that is funny and fun! This was around $15 from Amazon. It has 3 difficulty levels of mischief-making riddles from jalapeños to submarines, roller coasters, flamingos, etc. I’m loving it and think it can be fun for all ages!

"Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late (Bedtime Math Series Book 1)"
Susan 21st Sep 2019 Activity Director
The book looks good however it does look a little childish so make sure that when you write your notes that you state that the resident got much enjoyment and pleasure from this book
Alternately you could make copies of the pages if they do not look too childish
When you have any doubt write a good note about whatever you are doing
Solange 17th Sep 2019 Diversional Therapist
Thank you, Gwen and Rosemary, for sharing.
Gwen 17th Sep 2019 Wife/carer
Have a bowl of coloured buttons (or pom poms) . Firstly separate the colours into groups then count how many there are in each group, then add the group totals for an overall total,
Susan 17th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Great idea Rosemary
Rosemary 17th Sep 2019 Volunteer
My residents play High Roller with 4 dice. Each resident rolls the dice, and together we add up the total on the dice, and I record it. Then the next resident does the same. We play two or three rounds, and then add up each person's total score. The one with the highest score is declared the High Roller for that day.
Haley 16th Aug 2019 Recreation Therapist And Writer
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