Spiritual pursuit can be especially important for some of your residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a quick roundup of ideas that could benefit your community.

During this strange and uncertain time, many of your residents could benefit from robust spiritual programming. However, with most visitors prohibited in your community, it could feel especially challenging to bring those spiritual opportunities to those you serve.

In this article we cover:

  • Spiritual vs. Religious
  • 15 Spiritual Programming Activitiy Ideas
  • 16 Religious Programming Activitiy Ideas

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Susan 18th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Hi Matyida
Yes there are many free activities on golden Carers
I know budgets are tight but sometimes you can get the administration to pay for memberships
All you have to do is ask the worst they can say is no
I found many free things on the Internet
This article should be very helpful
You can try the tool kit free for 30 days
Susan 18th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for sharing Terrie
I say do whatever works for you and your residents
Terrie 17th Apr 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for the Spiritual Ideas. We have Televised Mass on Sundays that the Residents can watch while in their rooms. I did realize we have nothing to speak of for the other denominations. However we have DVDs that we can play and send to resident TVs that I plan to start doing. I do want to try to incorporate some of the ideas that you have mentioned. Thank you so much for these. I love this site!
Matylda Tuckwell 17th Apr 2020
Thanks very much for all your free activity.We are hopping on joining Golden Careers again soon.
Kind Regards
Lifestyle Coordinator
Haley 15th Apr 2020 Recreation Therapist And Writer
Haley has submitted a new article: 30 Spiritual Activity Ideas