This comprehensive armchair travel activity includes everything you need for a full day of travel to MEXICO! Fact files, trivia, quizzes, music, food, posters, craft and so much more! We hope you enjoy the MEXICO travelog!

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Susan 7th May 2022 Activity Director
Hi Rebecca
Thank you for your kind words
I agree that this is a wonderful site with many great ideas
Rebecca 6th May 2022 Activities Assistant In LTC
We really enjoyed ourselves!! This web-site is the BEST. I have set aside the other resources at my facility since I discovered Golden Cares. I am so thankful for all the work that has gone into this site. It makes my life as a recreation coordinator enjoyable. Thank you
Talita 9th May 2022
Thank you so much for your feedback Rebecca! This is wonderful to hear!
Raffaela 11th May 2021 Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Thank-you Maurice for these helpful tips and additional information.
Raffaela 5th May 2021 Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
How can I download the video to my USB key
Maurice 5th May 2021
Hi Raffaela!

There are a few ways you could do this:

1. I've created a YouTube playlist with all the YouTube links below, using this link you could easily and quickly access any of the clips with a laptop plugged into a TV/Projector.

2. If you the clips on a USB and you don't have internet connection, then the only way I'm aware of doing this would be to download those videos to be played offline. I'm not sure what is allowed, but if you search "download youtube video" in Google you'll find a few places that do it.

I hope that helps!
Susan 3rd Apr 2020 Activity Director
Yes Darla I am sure you will be able to do this again for Cinco de Mayo
Thanks for the idea and thanks for sharing
You are wonderful
Darla 2nd Apr 2020 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Wonderful idea. We listened to music, drank watermelon Margaritas, each used a maraca instruments along with music, and watched the armchair travel to Mexico. At the conclusion of the videos, we identified the foods (on screen - thank you) relayed the Trivia, and , played more music to end the program.

When all the limitations have concluded, we plan to add sombreros stored in our Recreation Cupboard, and to make a layered salad for all to enjoy with soft shell triangles, and hard shell corn chips, And to print off the beautiful art work on heavy cardstock paper and watercolor the paintings.

There were many cheers from our residents for this activity. Perhaps we will be able to present again for Cinco D' Mayo on May 5th!