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Gillian 13th Jan 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Tried this today, practice run for Australia day, The residents really enjoyed it, the conversations and reminiscence after the game was brilliant Thankyou for sharing
Talita 17th Jan 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Gillian. Joanne has shared some wonderful activities!
Kerry 16th Feb 2019 Recreational Coordinater
Thank you for the Aussie Bingo game, much appreciated
I actually modified my sheets as many of my residents would not remember "Louie the fly" they would remember the Add but not the actual "Louie" and a few other pictures also would confuse them
I wrote underneath all pictures in (black per) as large as possible of what the actual picture is, and I feel this will help them greatly

Ann Marie 25th Jan 2019 lifestyle coordinator
thankyou so much for all the work you have put into this. Well Done!
Amanda 13th Jan 2019 Diversional Therapist
Can you use your work copier to enlarge. Just place the A4 across the scanner then press A4 - A3 then press 100%. That should enlarge the whole page, print and all.
Rachael 10th Jan 2019 Administration
any chance this is available in A3 for aged eyes? trying to print to A3 only puts the A4 sized graphic onto an A3 page

thanks, Jill
Maurice 15th Jan 2019
Hi Rachael!

These can be printed on A3 - you just make sure to set your paper size to A3, and then "Scale" or "Fit" the image to the paper. That way it will make it much larger for hard of sight clients.
Anita 30th Jan 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Joanne, I just know that our residents are really going to love playing this game. Thank you so much for sharing it. I have printed it already and the laminator is warming up! :-)
Talita 29th Jan 2018
Wow what an amazing effort, thank you so much for sharing this Joanne!