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Christine 26th Oct 2021 activities worker
tks for sharing,will try in Day centre setting
Talita 31st Oct 2021
Love to hear how it goes Christine!
Lifestyle FlagstaffHill 15th Dec 2020 Lifestyle
Great idea, Thanks for sharing
Cathy 17th Sep 2020 Special Care Counsellor
Another way to play chair soccer is by using a beach ball and a bowling pin.
Seat the residents in a circle and place the pin in the middle.
The object is to try to knock over the bowling pin.
This can be done as a simple exercise or as a fun competition between the residents (1 point for everytime they knock down the pin), or as a team (every second person is on the same team...we use colored pinnies).
If there are people in the group that cannot kick you can give them a hockey or broomball stick. I will often do a quick pick-up game of Soccer Broomball.
Not only are you working the lower and upper body, but also eye-hand coordination and reflexes and most importantly, creating a fun, all-inclusive activity.
Lucy May 20th Jan 2021 Assistant In Carehome
I love your idea Cathy! going to try this out on miy residents !