Christmas themed picture bingo! Calling cards start on page 17. 
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Christmas themed picture bingo! Calling cards start on page 17. 

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Christmas Bingo

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Sherry 25th Oct 2023
Thanks so much. Love it !!
Nicole 6th Dec 2022 Therapeutic Recreation Director
Hi, I am very excited to have found you! I have a quick question. We have a very large group that plays bingo. Is there anyway to add more cards?
Talita 6th Dec 2022
Thanks for your feedback Nicole! There is another Christmas bingo available here:

With this one you can change the output size (4 x 4 or 5 x 5 etc) or even make a copy and edit it if you want to add or remove items.
Vivian 18th Nov 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator
wow this will be great to use in December, thanks very much.
I will use Christmas themed gifts as prizes.
Talita 20th Nov 2021
Thanks for your feedback Vivian!
Pauline 18th Dec 2019 Retirement Home Manager
Hi Sara, I'm just wondering about the calling cards and how these are used instead of the balls? I don't see any instructions on how to use the game cards. Is it used the same as regular bingo?
Talita 30th Dec 2019
Hi Pauline, with these custom bingo games you can just draw a calling card randomly from a box. Hope that helps. You can find lots of other custom bingo games here:
Pauline 31st Dec 2019
It’s a great bingo game, thank you for your instructions and your ideas!
Talita 20th Dec 2018
The Christmas Bingo activity has been very popular Sara, thanks for sharing!
Siouxsie 28th Nov 2018 Engagement Facilitator
thank you so much for this it has saved the day as my student have not pr-paired a game for day
Talita 18th Nov 2018
Hi Lori, you can use a photocopier to enlarge it!
Sally 13th Nov 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
I'm off to work to print this off this morning! Brilliantly done, thank you, just in time for Christmas season, my residents would play bingo 5days a week if I let them
Lori 8th Nov 2018 Activity
How do I enlarge the bingo cards
Chris 8th Nov 2018 Activities
I enlarge a few Bingo cards onto legal paper for those who have difficulty seeing. A couple ladies love the enlarged cards, as they like to be an independent as possible.
Lori 6th Nov 2018 Activity
I love the idea of these bingo cards but they are never big enough for my residence to see the small pictures on them if only they could be printed larger any ideas
Karen 30th Oct 2018 Administrator
I have recently joined because I came across your site by accident. I think it is excellent as it offers lots of ideas for activities in our care home.
Talita 5th Nov 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Karen!
Chris 27th Oct 2018 Activities
I love this site!!! No more starting from scratch - quiz's, BINGO, ideas galore! Thanks!
Talita 29th Oct 2018
Chris, thank you! We so much appreciate your kind words! Thank you!
JANET 19th Oct 2018
Great! Thank you
Talita 16th Oct 2018
Wow, Sara - another beautiful bingo game! Thank you so much! I know this will be very much appreciated by the whole community!
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