Christmas Pantomime: Snow White & the 3 and a half Dwarfs!

Christmas Pantomime: Snow White & the 3 and a half Dwarfs!

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Snow White & the 3 and a half Dwarfs is a two-act pantomime to entertain your clients and guest this festive season! A perfect addition to a Christmas Party in assisted living facilities. Loads of fun for staff and residents!
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A Christmas pantomime written in rhyme.


From the original story by the Brothers Grimm.


Humorous Pantomime.

Age Group

Adults and children.


  1. Narrator
  2. Snow White
  3. The Queen
  4. The Mirror
  5. The Huntsman/Woman
  6. The Prince
  7. Duke...the prince's dog (played by a friendly dog or a child dressed as a dog)
  8. Rabbit
  9. Doc
  10. Sleepy
  11. Sneezy
  12. Half-Pint (played by a young child who will not have any lines to learn)

Stage Hands

2 for moving props etc.


30-40 minutes or less if you cut out a song or two.

Songs / Music / Links


  • Snow White... try and recreate the traditional costume, with a yellow skirt and blue top. Think 'princess' without going over the top.
  • Huntsman - brown leather boots, brown trousers perhaps a brown tunic style top. Carries a bow and has arrows slung over his or her shoulder.
  • Queen can be a man in drag. Long dress, crown, exaggerated makeup. Royal but evil looking! Will also need a shawl for the second act.
  • Dwarfs - Try to get children with white beards and brightly colored costumes. Add individual items such as:
    • Doc wears glasses.
    • Sneezy carries a handkerchief.
    • Sleepy is dressed in pyjamas.
    • Half-Pint wears a cute little gnome outfit, don't worry about the beard too much. Maybe he can carry a teddy bear!
  • The Mirror - person dressed all in black holding a vintage style mirror.
  • The Prince - a dashing, handsome man dressed to look like royalty with a small crown.
  • Rabbit - dress in whatever color you'd like your rabbit to be! Long ears, small bunny tail and whiskers.


  • Make your huntsman (or woman) small and not like the traditional image of a huntsman. It should be someone who doesn't look capable of harming a fly, let alone harming Snow White. Give him an unkempt appearance and a false scruffy beard to suit with the rhyme.
  • The Queen is very nasty and callous. Give her a Cruella De Ville, 101 Dalmations look.
  • Snow White is soft and gentle. Loves all things to do with nature, think of the movie where the bluebird lands on her finger and she sings to it.
  • Give your 3 ½ dwarfs personalities (see suggestions in costumes section)


  • First Act has the Queen looking in her mirror in one corner, and the huntsman near a tent in woodland in another corner.
  • Keep with the woodland theme for Snow White's first scene.
  • You will need someone with a bowl of water backstage for the Prince's scene with Duke; splash the water as though the dog is splashing around in a stream.
  • Second Act is set in the dwarves cottage. You will need 4 sleeping bags for beds, 1 of which should be a child's one. 4 pillows. A sweeping brush/broom. Small bin for the apple. An apple.
  • Glass coffin can obviously be an improvisation, perhaps Snow White could lie on a table with her head on a pillow and arms crossed over her chest..



Good evening everyone,

Are you ready to have some fun?

Our pantomime is White Snow,

Pauses, looks puzzled...

I don't think that's how it should go,

Perhaps it's actually Snow White,

Yes, that sounds about right,

And some little guys too,

Tries to remember the word Dwarf

Imps, Goblins I've no clue,

Anyhow folks let's get on with the show,

Or your impatience will surely grow.

First Act

The Queen stands opposite the mirror holding it while the person playing the mirror holds it from behind the mirror. The Queen is admiring herself.


Mirror, Mirror in my hand,

Who is the fairest in the land?


With a dignified, solemn voice

Well it was you,

But now that's just not true,

For there's another near,

And her beauty is clear,

You could have some work done,

A nip and a tuck to make you young.


Shouting now!

Shut up you wretched thing!!

This girl someone must bring,

I want her gone from this place,

So all you can look upon is my beautiful face.


So the queen was in a rage,

She thought she looked good, (for her age).

Turns and whispers 'for her age' to the audience

A huntsman she did call,

And in he came looking meek and small.

Huntsman enters the queen's room and gets down on bended knee, bowing to the Queen and looking scared.


Y-Y-Yes your divine one?

What is it that you want done?


What do you know of this beautiful girl?

The one who puts me in a whirl.


It's a tale but nothing more,

What of it? What do you ask for?


The queen's now snapping at the huntsman

It is I who's doing the asking here,

Now come closer come near,

Huntsman stands now and moves closer to the queen

I want you to do a task,

Now this is what I ask.


Anything for you my queen,

You want to know if she's been seen?


Just listen you impatient man,

And I'll tell you my plan,

You'll need to be fearless and brave,

And also have a damn shave!


Of course, of course I look a sight,

I will go immediately and make it right.

Rips off false beard and starts walking away!


STOP! You stupid little fool,

Keep calm and keep your cool,

I want this girl to be gone,

So on me, the spotlight will be shone.

Queen smoothes her hair loving herself as she talks.


You want me to shoo her away?


Well I sure as hell don't want her to stay.

Change bedroom scene for the tent and woodland setting. Huntsman is shaking with fear at night time with the forest's sounds. (SEE WOODLAND SOUNDS)


So it was, that the huntsman went,

And for days lived in a tent.

The huntsman couldn't find Snow White anywhere,

She had no cave, no home or lair,

Meanwhile at the same time in the wood,

Snow White was feeling happy and good.

Snow White:

Humming or whistling in between her lines, any happy tune here

Such a beautiful day today,

I feel like it's my birthday,

The birds are singing in the trees,

Play birdsong here (SEE SONGS LINK). She's walking along looking up at the trees, smiling.

Oh their song does please.


Huntsman sees Snow White

That must be her. Wow! She's stunning,

No wonder the queen wants her off running.

Snow White:

What was that noise?

Looks to the audience

Do you know ladies and gentlemen,

Girls and boys?


Snow White in her innocence had no clue,

What the huntsman was about to do.


Fear not my beautiful child,

Things are about to get a little wild,

Here in my pocket I have a knife,

Pulls a spoon from his pocket but doesn't notice it yet

You better run now, run for your life,

Now notices the spoon

Oh my god that's a stupid spoon,

I'm an idiot, a right loon.

Snow White:

What? Who are you? Why would you hurt me?


The queen fears you... don't you see?

Snow White:

Fears me, foolish woman, why oh why?


Because her mirror does not lie,

It told her about your beauty and your grace,

And now she's worried about her wrinkled face.

Snow White:

Then I must run oh my, oh heck,

Where will I go? Where will I trek?


Not my problem my dear,

Now go, get outta here,

I don't want to harm,

Cos you seem full of charm.


Snow White ran as fast as she could,

Through the darkening scary wood,

A friendly rabbit hopped on by,

But then turned and asked,


Why are you here, why?

Snow White:

I'm being chased I have to go,

Can you help me? Can you show

Me a safe place to hide and stay,

I've got to get out of the way.


I know a place where you can hide,

You're slim, that's good cos the doors aren't wide,

Come on and follow me,

I'll take you to safety, you'll see.


So follow the rabbit Snow White did,

She knew she had to be safe and hid,

Through the wood they did go,

As Snow White's fears began to grow,

But then up ahead on the path,

She sees a man and hears him laugh.


Prince talking to himself

It's so hot. I must find something to drink,

To have a cool head to think,

I should be back by noon

My journey should start soon

Snow White:

Rabbit, Rabbit slow down a mo,

Let's enjoy the show,

Who is that man ? that guy?

He's so handsome it makes me shy.


Sounding panicked here!

What, are you crazy?

Has your mind gone hazy?

Umm... mad guy chasing you, you said,

I wonder if I have been mislead?

Snow White:

Have you gone completely blind?

Or out of your tiny furry mind?

He is handsome by all means

He must come from good genes!

Snow White sings 'Dizzy' and the audience sings along with her.

The prince now looks up and spots Snow White. He smiles and walks towards her.

Snow White:

Oh my gosh what do I do now?

He's coming my way ummm... wow!


Hello Miss are you okay?

You're very pretty I must say.

Snow White smiles up at him looking flattered and flustered.


Rabbit coughs to interrupt them

Oh cut it out you two,

Miss we've got stuff to do.

Snow White:

Oh Rabbit you're so right,

I've got to get out of sight.

They leave in a hurry leaving the prince to chase after them.


At least tell me your name pretty Miss,

So I'll know one day who I'm about to kiss.

Snow White:

Kiss, Rabbit did he say kiss?

Oh my, what bliss,

My name Sir is Snow White,

And you are a handsome sight.

The prince sits and daydreams and sings 'Do Wah Diddy Diddy' and the audience sings with him.


Second Act

Snow White and the rabbit arrive at the dwarves' cottage. Display a small doorway and sleeping bags strewn everywhere.


Here we are,

We've traveled far,

Now inside you go.

Snow White:

But won't the owners know?


They won't mind my dear.

Snow White:

If you're sure there's nothing to fear.


Show Snow White enters the cottage and looks at the mess...

So into the cottage Snow White did go,

Her heartbeat in pace did grow,

What to do she didn't know

She saw inside four tiny beds,

And four pillows to rest tiny heads.

Snow White:

How strange and one's smaller than the others,

And so untidy, where are their mothers?

Oh the poor dears are all alone,

I bet they've never had kindness shown.

Snow White starts sweeping.


And so, Snow White started to sweep and clean,

Making it all shine with a sheen.

Snow White starts cleaning and whistling and then she sings 'Love is All Around'. The audience sings along with her.

As the song finishes, the dwarfs enter one by one with Half-Pint following at the rear.


Hello, hello, who are you?

Don't move an inch whatever you do,

You see these hands of mine,

Holds hands up to show Snow White

Deadly weapons they are, so fine.

Snow White:

I won't hurt you.


Doc! Look around at the view.


You tidied the place?

Snow White:

Yes, now you have a tidy space.


Thank you so much,

It's nice to have a woman's touch,

Can she stay Doc - pretty please,

Oh my gosh another sneeze.

Sneezes loudly

Snow White:

I could do with a place to stay,

So Doc, what do you say?


Ummm, well I don't know,

But I don't want to ask you to go,

Half-Pint goes to Snow White and hugs her leg not letting go

Half-Pint, really, you're a twit,

Okay then I guess that's it.


So, Snow White with the dwarfs did stay,

And for a long time it remained this way,

The dwarfs worked in a mine,

Only ever stopping to dine,

Even Half-Pint did his bit,

And kept the mine well lit.

Every morning they went to work singing...

The dwarfs sing Hei Ho marching one behind the other, singing and whistling as they leave the stage.


Then, one day when Snow White was alone,

An old lady visited; meaning her cover was blown.

The Queen is dressed as an old lady, with a shawl half covering her face.


Hello my dear may I sit down?

Audience shouts: No, don't let her sit down!

I'm tired and making my way to town.

Snow White:

Of course please come in and sit,

Snow White let's her in the house. Audience continues to warn Snow White.

I don't mind one little bit.


To reward you for your kindness my dear,

I have a sweet juicy apple here.

Gives Snow White the apple.

Snow White:

Oh, thank you, how very kind,

I'll eat it now if you don't mind.

Audience shouts: Don't eat it!


So Snow White took a bite,

And her world spun and out went her light,

Snow White pretends to die dramatically here. Make sure the apple's not too far away from her!

The old lady was really the queen,

The queen shrugs off the shawl now and laughs at the audience and disappears.

The dwarfs return home to find the door open and Snow White lying down inside.


Oh my gosh Snow White.

Dear girl...


She's gone Doc how do we make it right?


We can't bring her back.


Look! an apple, she had a snack.

Sleepy picks the apple up and throws it away in the bin.


We'll put her in a coffin made of glass.


They laid Snow White to rest,

They tried their hardest, did their best,

While they sat near her coffin quiet,

They heard a noise, a riot.

Play storm sounds here (SEE SONGS LINK)


So, it worked my poisoned apple,

The Queen enters, laughing hysterically

You should've put her in the chapel.


You did this you evil queen,

How could you be so mean?


Oh I'm not done yet,

You're next, now don't you fret,

I'll make it quick with no pain,

Then you'll see your Snow White again.

As she goes to grab Doc a lightning bolt strikes her and she dies. Turn the light off and point a flashlight/torch toward the queen to imitate lightning.


And so, ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls

The queen is no more,

Just a pile of ashes upon the floor.

Quick someone sweep her away,

So we can get on with our day.

Sleepy sweeps the floor. He falls asleep when he's finished.


The Prince enters and find Snow White 'dead'

Oh no! Is it true?

Snow White what happened to you?

Those red lips I want to kiss,

I'm heartbroken by this.

The prince kisses Snow White and she wakes up. He sings "Can't Help Falling In Love" . The audience sings along with him


She's awake. It must be true love's kiss.


Slowly waking up...

Hey, what did I miss?


Now, Snow White is awake,

Come on let's bake a sponge cake!

Or should we open some Bubbles

For the lovely couple?


The Rabbit enters the stage with a cake

They all went back to eat the cake,

What a happy ending this does make.

And now Christmas is the season

For dreams to come true

The season for wishing

All good things to You!

Let's sing together: 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'

The End!

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Susan 8th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Hi Cecilia
Looking forward to hearing from you
Maybe you can give us a progress report
Cecilia 6th Apr 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I am thankful for this site. It is my go to for activities, ideas, and just for information. I have done many of the activities to include the arm chair travel and the residents really loved these trips. I am working on a pantomime for the coming Christmas and will give a report of how it went.
Thank you Golden Carers.
Talita 7th Apr 2022
This is exciting Cecelia, we'd love to hear how it goes! Pantos are so much fun! Thank you so very much for your feedback x
Susan 24th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Thank you for letting us know Laurie
Laurie 24th Feb 2021 Activity Coordinator
I'm late posting a comment but we did Snow White and our Residents loved it. We even had a few Residents in the play. Our male Marketing person was Snow White and the receptionist was the prince. Our 6 foot very hefty maintenance man was Half Pint. We did the songs in the play but changed the last one to We wish you a Merry Christmas. I am definitely going to do another pantomime next year.
Thank you.
Talita 1st Mar 2021
This is so wonderful to hear Laurie! Thank you so much for letting us know x
Gina 18th Jun 2020 Leisure And Health
Hi Kara
Sorry for the delay, but like everyone we are all very busy. The songs I used were:
When Snow White is in the garden at the beginning we had "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"
When Snow White first sees the Prince when she is with rabbit. "Baby Face"
The Prince sings 'Oh You Beautiful Doll"
When the dwarfs see Snow White for the first time (when she is cleaning their home). I had the dwarfs behind a screen where the audience could see them poking their heads up spying on Snow white. As she is cleaning the dwarfs start sings a few lines of "Sadie the Cleaning Lady". Snow White turns to the audience and says "Do I look like Sadie the cleaning lady. I am snow White". The dwarfs in turn say sorry! sorry. It was a hoot the audience love it. Our Finale was the 'Twelve Days of Christmas. The songs we chose were familiar to our residents which drew them into the panto. In the end we had eight dwarfs. Good luck. If I can help with anything else please let me know.
Susan 19th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Gina
Thanks for getting back to Kara and sharing the information
I am sure it will be very helpful
Thanks again and keep up the good work you are doing a great job
Solange 19th Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist
Well done Gina! Great songs.
Susan 11th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Hi Gina
Hoping you can help Kara out

Hi Kara
I think this link will help you also
Solange 2nd Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist
Congratulations! What a great idea to include photos of the 'actors' in the Program. You are a champion!!
Gina 31st Dec 2019 Leisure And Health
We performed 'Snow 'White and the Maybe Seven Dwarfs" with resounding success. Our facility had never had a pantomime performed before, and the residents, staff, family and friends really enjoyed it. There was so much laughter and audience participation the wonderful cast forgot their lines on occasion, add libbing which added to the fun. We printed programs for everyone then handed them out on arrival to enhance the theatre experience. It included photos of the staff and their roll in the panto. It also had the words to the songs we chose which was more suitable for our residents.
As you can see by the title we changed a few things ( we ended up with eight dwarfs as more staff wanted to be part of the fun) including parts of the dialogue which worked well.
Thank you Golden Carers for all that you do to inspire and motivate us to try something different and fun.
Susan 31st Dec 2019 Activity Director
Wow this sounds great thank you for sharing
Talita 31st Dec 2019
This is so good to hear! Thanks Gina, what a wonderful outcome!
Kara 10th Jun 2020 Personal Care Worker
Hi Gina
What a great idea to have a program. What were the different songs you chose ?
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