Matinee at the Opera

Matinee at the Opera

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Matinee at tWe arranged a 2pm time for our residents to watch an Opera. It was a social event that was enjoyed not just by our fully cognitive residents but also by our dementia residents.

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Susan 25th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Thanks for responding Linda
Linda 24th Sep 2020 Care Aide
I borrowed DVD of La Boheme through our local library and I have a copy of the Magic Flute which I had ordered through Amazon years ago.
Linda 25th Aug 2020 Care Aide
We did what was described but as 'Saturday Night at the Opera'. I was able to go to Mozart's The Magic Flute and Puccini's La Boheme and gather the discarded programs which we used for our filmed performances. I also copied my tickets (changing the date) so that we could give each resident a complimentary ticket to the opera (some family members were also invited) Everyone was encouraged to 'dress up' and the men escorted the women to the 'theatre' :) .... I work within a small house where all the residents have dementia - we were all astonished to see almost all stay to the very end.
Susan 21st Aug 2020 Activity Director
Can anyone from east Grampians help Chereyne
Chereyne 20th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
It sounds great, how did you access the full opera
Linda 24th Sep 2020 Care Aide
P.S. I would have responded earlier but I didn't realize that my comment (Aug. 25th) was posted - nor was I aware of your question or any of the comments - I just stumbled upon them tonight :) ...
Sue 19th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Lead
I shall try this it’s sounds like a great activity.
Talita 17th Aug 2020
What a wonderful idea, I love it!