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Bronwyn 3rd Jan 2017 Support Worker/RAO
Hi there I am looking for plays as in drama/theatre/skits that the residents can be involved in. Nothing childish.

The residents have become a little tired with choir and want to do something new & fun.

Thanks Bron
Mauricee 4th Jan 2017
Hi Bronwyn,

We do have a number of Theme Day ideas:

In particular the Pantomimes might be helpful, unfortunately, they're all designed for Christmas!

Christmas Pantomime - Aladdin & The Magic Lamp

Christmas Pantomime: Sleeping Beauty

Christmas Pantomime - Pinocchio

Cinderella Christmas Play
Mauricee 5th Jan 2017
Hi Bronwyn,

I had another look, here is a skit you could do:

Funny Skit For International Joke Day

It's intended for International Joke Day but could be done anytime.
Brian 31st Jan 2017
Hi Bronwyn'
have you thought of doing your own, We had a similar problem here with our residents tired of same old sing alongs so we got together and as a group made up new sing-a long books that process in its self was a great activity , when Christmas came around it was suggested that we write our own play rather than the same old nativity play so again we got together and made up our own. being in Australia and all so in a small community we had a great time reminiscing about Christmas as kids, family arguments, and lots of funny instant sis people had experienced and put a few together as an aussie Christmas lunch, it was alot of fun not only for the residents also the family's got a good laugh as well.
Good luck
Bronwyn 31st Jan 2017 Support Worker/RAO
Thank you both for these ideas
Bronwyn 1st Feb 2017 Support Worker/RAO
Thank you both for these ideas
rebecca 17th Oct 2019 Activities Coordinator
I'm looking to do a Nativity Play for the residents . Does anyone have a simple script that i could use please?
Debra 18th Mar 2020 Sitter
I have an idea to try little short skits from the Carol Burnett show. Has anyone ever tried this? I play them on my iPad for my lady (101 yrs old) that I care for and she laughs and also remembers watching them. Maybe get a resident/residents, staff, volunteers to be the actors and put on a skit occasionally. Many to choose from off her shows!
Susan 18th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Hi Debra
This sounds like a great idea
Brian 20th Mar 2020
Hi Bronwyn . we here have had same issue. we had a fate that our resident like to partisipate usualy we have a sing a long. but this this time we did did a couple of skits relating to songs, like hole in bucket, daisy daisy, frog went a courting, all short but funny.
Good luck Brian
Susan 20th Mar 2020 Activity Director
Wow Brian what a great idea thank you for sharing

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