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Karin 17th Mar 2017
Hi everyone!

I am an activity convener in Alberta, Canada and I am interested in starting a pen pal/ email relationship with a seniors facility in a different country. Ideally I think Australia would be great as I could tie in an arm chair travel session to Australia. I have about 70 residents, higher functioning. Would anyone be interested?
Suzanne 18th Mar 2017
Hi Karin,
I would be greatly interested in starting a pen/pal email relationship . I work in a facility that has 90 residents.I would have to check with work but if we good get a draft plan done on how this would work I would put it to my boss.
Matthew Flinders Home 20th Mar 2017
Hi Karin,
We would also be interested in starting a pen pal/email relationship with your seniors facility. I would also have to check with work /boss. If interested, could you please send details.
Karin 21st Mar 2017
Awesome! I would have to do the same with my boss. My email is [email protected] Send me an email and we can discuss details!
Stephanie 21st Mar 2017
I would be interested as well. We are located in Newburgh, Indiana. We have a community of 115 independent, assisted living, and memory care Seniors. I specifically work with our 24 memory care residents. This would be a great activity, as I am doing Mail Call as an activity!

Darlene 24th Mar 2017
This sounds really exciting. I just got nine computers donated and we are planning to start a senior computer literacy program. Participating in this pen pal program could be a wonderful way to launch our senior computer program. Could you kindly send me the details as well? I would like to discuss it with management and staff.
Brian 29th Mar 2017
Hi Karin would also be interested sound like a great idea both email and snail mail, we are a small facility in country New South Wales Australia.
My contact is [email protected]
Hope to hear soon.
Regards Brian.
Matthew Flinders Home 3rd Apr 2017
Hi Karen, we are interested in writing letters. My email is [email protected]
If you could email me further details, that would be great.
Thanks Lani
Gregg Ann 5th Apr 2017
Hello Karen,
We are a long ways from Australia but would love to send some colorado postcards to your residents! Please e-mail me with address and we will start writing! [email protected] or [email protected]
The Commons of Hilltop
Grand Junction, Colorado
Kara 11th Apr 2017
What a wonderful idea! I work in a 101 bed facility in Toowoomba QLD.
my email is [email protected] if anyone from in another country or even in Australia would like to start a pen pal/ email relationship.
Jill 18th Apr 2017
Fantastic idea. i would be interested l work in a 60 bed facility in coburg Melbourne Australia
Kelly 21st Apr 2017
Hi there definitely interested in the pen pal group.i work in a 107 unit community aged care looking for 3 different locations around the world im in Australia. Anyone can email me with address details and clients name to post to
[email protected] or
[email protected] look forward to starting a pen pal relationship.
Kaitlyn 27th Apr 2017
Karin, I am from Alberta, Canada. Currently living in Brisbane Australia working as a Diversional Therapist. If you would like to chat at all my email is [email protected]
and my facebook is Katie keating
Tricia 3rd May 2017
Karin and Kaitlyn, I am also from Alberta, Canada and work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in Perth, Western Australia. Email me if you like to chat: [email protected] Tricia.
Kelly 4th Jun 2017
HI there is there no more interest in the pen pal group??? I have a few clients that would like to do this, as stated before I am in Australia. if anyone would like to this with us please send me an email
lifestyle coordinator
[email protected]
look forward to hearing from someone soon
Talita 5th Jun 2017
Hi everyone, we have a postcard exchange program running on our Facebook group page:

Worth a look!
Jagvir 10th Jul 2017
Hi Karin,
I am lifestyle coordinator in Victoria Australia would love to get more information. I think is a great idea.
My email is [email protected]
Colleen 17th Sep 2017
Hi, I am looking for Male & Female Residents whom wish to write only. We are a Level 2 care fascility in New Zealand. I still have Residents able to write, & of course, this is a great 1-1 activity for those whom cannot write as well - as I am able to do this for them. I do have interest from both men & women, whom would be very keen to correspond with someone out there in the wide world! How exciting! My email is: [email protected] So luv to hear from you please!! Thanks
Lydia 4th Dec 2017
Hi, I know its been a while since anyone has commented on this but if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. I am a activities coordinator from the UK and I am looking for a pen pal for a resident.
Talita 10th Dec 2017
Hi Lydia, there is a very active pen pal group on our Facebook Group - maybe you could give that a try!
Bobbi 10th Dec 2017
Great idea!
Lucienne 30th Dec 2017
Hi I am an Activity Co-ordinator in the Uk and would love to start a pen group up with a Nursing Home in another country if anyone is interested?
Tracy 5th Jan 2018
Hi Lucienne, I just got this membership on Golden Carers and saw this post. I am in Indianapolis Indiana and would be interested in teaming up with you to start a pen pal program. If you don't have another group already, message me at [email protected]

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