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Karin 17th Mar 2017 Recreation Therapy
Hi everyone!

I am an activity convener in Alberta, Canada and I am interested in starting a pen pal/ email relationship with a seniors facility in a different country. Ideally I think Australia would be great as I could tie in an arm chair travel session to Australia. I have about 70 residents, higher functioning. Would anyone be interested?
Suzanne 18th Mar 2017 Lifestyle assistant
Hi Karin,
I would be greatly interested in starting a pen/pal email relationship . I work in a facility that has 90 residents.I would have to check with work but if we good get a draft plan done on how this would work I would put it to my boss.
Matthew Flinders Home 20th Mar 2017 Diversional therapist
Hi Karin,
We would also be interested in starting a pen pal/email relationship with your seniors facility. I would also have to check with work /boss. If interested, could you please send details.
Karin 21st Mar 2017 Recreation Therapy
Awesome! I would have to do the same with my boss. My email is [email protected]. Send me an email and we can discuss details!
Stephanie 21st Mar 2017 Memory Care Life Enrichment Coordinator
I would be interested as well. We are located in Newburgh, Indiana. We have a community of 115 independent, assisted living, and memory care Seniors. I specifically work with our 24 memory care residents. This would be a great activity, as I am doing Mail Call as an activity!

Darlene 24th Mar 2017 Director
This sounds really exciting. I just got nine computers donated and we are planning to start a senior computer literacy program. Participating in this pen pal program could be a wonderful way to launch our senior computer program. Could you kindly send me the details as well? I would like to discuss it with management and staff.
Brian 29th Mar 2017
Hi Karin would also be interested sound like a great idea both email and snail mail, we are a small facility in country New South Wales Australia.
My contact is [email protected].
Hope to hear soon.
Regards Brian.
Matthew Flinders Home 3rd Apr 2017 Diversional therapist
Hi Karen, we are interested in writing letters. My email is [email protected].
If you could email me further details, that would be great.
Thanks Lani
Gregg Ann 5th Apr 2017 Activities Coordinator
Hello Karen,
We are a long ways from Australia but would love to send some colorado postcards to your residents! Please e-mail me with address and we will start writing! [email protected] or [email protected]
The Commons of Hilltop
Grand Junction, Colorado
Kara 11th Apr 2017 Lifestyle Facilitator
What a wonderful idea! I work in a 101 bed facility in Toowoomba QLD.
my email is [email protected] if anyone from in another country or even in Australia would like to start a pen pal/ email relationship.
Jill 18th Apr 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
Fantastic idea. i would be interested l work in a 60 bed facility in coburg Melbourne Australia
Kelly 21st Apr 2017
Hi there definitely interested in the pen pal group.i work in a 107 unit community aged care looking for 3 different locations around the world im in Australia. Anyone can email me with address details and clients name to post to
[email protected] or
[email protected]. look forward to starting a pen pal relationship.
Kaitlyn 27th Apr 2017 Diversional Therapist
Karin, I am from Alberta, Canada. Currently living in Brisbane Australia working as a Diversional Therapist. If you would like to chat at all my email is [email protected]
and my facebook is Katie keating
Tricia 3rd May 2017 Occupational Therapy Assistant
Karin and Kaitlyn, I am also from Alberta, Canada and work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in Perth, Western Australia. Email me if you like to chat: [email protected] Tricia.
Kelly 4th Jun 2017
HI there is there no more interest in the pen pal group??? I have a few clients that would like to do this, as stated before I am in Australia. if anyone would like to this with us please send me an email
lifestyle coordinator
[email protected]
look forward to hearing from someone soon
Talita 5th Jun 2017
Hi everyone, we have a postcard exchange program running on our Facebook group page:

Worth a look!
Jagvir 10th Jul 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Karin,
I am lifestyle coordinator in Victoria Australia would love to get more information. I think is a great idea.
My email is [email protected]
Colleen 17th Sep 2017 Diversional Therapist
Hi, I am looking for Male & Female Residents whom wish to write only. We are a Level 2 care fascility in New Zealand. I still have Residents able to write, & of course, this is a great 1-1 activity for those whom cannot write as well - as I am able to do this for them. I do have interest from both men & women, whom would be very keen to correspond with someone out there in the wide world! How exciting! My email is: [email protected] So luv to hear from you please!! Thanks
Lydia 4th Dec 2017 Activity Cordinator
Hi, I know its been a while since anyone has commented on this but if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. I am a activities coordinator from the UK and I am looking for a pen pal for a resident.
Talita 10th Dec 2017
Hi Lydia, there is a very active pen pal group on our Facebook Group - maybe you could give that a try!
Bobbi 10th Dec 2017 Art Therapist
Great idea!
Lucienne 30th Dec 2017 Activity Coordinator
Hi I am an Activity Co-ordinator in the Uk and would love to start a pen group up with a Nursing Home in another country if anyone is interested?
Tracy 5th Jan 2018 Activity Director
Hi Lucienne, I just got this membership on Golden Carers and saw this post. I am in Indianapolis Indiana and would be interested in teaming up with you to start a pen pal program. If you don't have another group already, message me at [email protected]
HELEN 30th Jan 2018 Social Worker
Hallo I am a social worker from the island Crete in Greece and Iam an activity Co-ordinator for two separete units of 110 eledrly .I start discoussing with another unit in Athens the possibility of a pen pal program.Do you have any ideas how to start,or what it might help?
Lori 12th Feb 2018 Activity
Helen would your residents want to write to my residents in a little town in Minnesota ? Let me know
Wendy 16th May 2018 Student
Hi there

I'm coming in late to this conversation but am also interested in connecting with an overseas group. Someone who might be interested in skyping with us in addition to more traditional methods of communication?

Also, we run a weekly inter generational playgroup with Mums, Dad's and young children, if someone else does the same I think it would be a lovely session to connect using technology.

We are in Brisbane Australia - if you are interested please contact me on [email protected]

Thanks :)
Jacqueline 17th May 2018 Community Programme Coordinator
Hello all
I work in the north of England with a charity for older people doing community activities to reduce isolation and would be very interested in setting up a pen pal group with folk from any other country.
If anyone is interested please let me know. Like many others I would need to check with management before we can make a draft plan but I guess I am just testing the water to see if anyone would be interested?
My email address is [email protected]
Jacqueline 17th May 2018 Community Programme Coordinator
Hi all I am so pleased I have discovered this site! I would really like to communicate regularly with any Activity Coordinators in England to share ideas, experiences etc.
If you are interested please contact me on [email protected]
Michelle 17th May 2018 Activity Director
Hello all! I'm activity director in a small facility in Kansas. We are about 75% psych residents and the rest long term care, so we have a lot of diversity of age and backgrounds here. Some of our residents are interested in a pen pal exchange.

Attn: Michelle Worthington
Protection Valley Manor
P.O. Box 448
600 S Broadway
Protection, KS 67127
Jacqueline 29th May 2018 Community Programme Coordinator
Hi Michelle

Do you have an email address?
I am in the the North East of England working with a Charity to support older people in the community.
I would be very interested in setting up a pen pal group with you.
[email protected]
Nicole 17th Sep 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi I am Nicole from Australia we are introducing a pen pal group in my aged care facility and I have one care recipient who would love to write to an overseas person, my email is
[email protected]
Can we have your address so we can send you a letter
Willow 8th Oct 2019 Recreation Director
I would love to connect a group of the seniors at our community with another community. I am the Recreation Manager at Juniper Springs Senior Living in Redmond Oregon. I know I have a group of residents that would love to do this. Please contact me if you have an interest in setting up a Pen Pal exchange with our residents and your residents: [email protected]
Nicole 9th Oct 2019 Diversional Therapist
Willow I'm interested I will email you

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