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Liz 4th Jun 2017 Activities Officer
I would appreciate any suggestions on doing collage activities. I have some great canvases to paint for the background. The residents have limited fine motor skills and varying levels of Dementia.
Susan 5th Jun 2017 Activity Director
What comes to my mind right away is dot paints. They sell them at Amazon
They are easy to use especially for those with poor fine motor and dementia.
They are a bit costly.
I have gotten the bingo daubers at the dollar store. But there is no guarantee.
As an alternate, you can use bingo daubers, but that may confuse some of the residents. You could change the outer cover or have a higher functioning resident do that for you.
You could also glue some large sensory objects like pompoms, feathers, and alike
You could use large stickers or sticky notes
Hope this helps
Talita 5th Jun 2017
Hi Liz,

Here are a few ideas on Golden Carers that may be relevant:

Mixed Media Collages:

Scavenger Collages:

Sticks & Bark Collage:

Hope this helps. Love to hear how you go.
Marion 6th Jun 2017
Hi Liz
I think I might have an idea for you which would be quick and easy and perhaps very rewarding for your residents. Earlier this year I realised how much I'd fallen behind with my family scrap booking. A few days later I came up with this simple idea. I had accumulated several different sizes of canvases over the years and decided to put them to good use.
I sorted my photos into groups and singles and arranged them on the canvases. I painted some for effective backgrounds and left some white. I then made use of all those rolls and rolls of "washi tape" which I had accumulated and taped beautiful and appropriate borders onto the canvases. I then used double sided tape to attach some of the photos to the canvases which gave it a 3D effect, and on others I used gorgeous colourful brads to hold them down. I also used stick on letters and numbers to note names and dates.
I've mounted all the canvases on my blank and boring garage walls which has given the garage a whole new life, as I now call it my "Photo Gallery" and when friends and family visit they spend happy times in my garage checking out their pics
Cathy 7th Jun 2017 Lifestyle Coordinator/ DT
Hi, we recently did a collage and turned it into an "I spy" board. The residents and staff cut out images from magazines, they coloured in Mandalas and cut them out, collected odd bits and bobs and glued them onto a canvas board. It was then decorated. Then I wrote out an I spy list of things the residents and others would be able to find on the board. It is a big hit with both residents and staff. It didn't cost anything to make as everything we used was recycled.
Talita 8th Jun 2017
Wow Cathy! This is spectacular! What a wonderful idea!
Lydia 14th Jun 2017 Program Director

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