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Sandra 31st Aug 2017 Activities Officer
Hi! I have never had to do a budget before at the place I work, but due to a restructure in the company I have been asked to do a budget. Has anyone got any hints they can share with me and maybe a spreadsheet I could use....please.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Kim 31st Aug 2017 Programs Director
Sheri 1st Sep 2017 PCAP/OTA
Sandra we have a budget at work, which is basically controlled by the admin staff and we have had so many problems but have started a basic book of our own. We know our starting point for the month so write that down and each time any of us (we have 4 people in our department) purchase anything we write down how much we spent and on what ie happy hour, craft, bus outing (we spoil our residents on outings lol) mother's/father's day, birthday's etc. Close to the end of the month we check it and if we have lots left we stock up on additional items we know we need for the next month. Happy hour is our biggest spend as we have it every Friday and have drinks plus snacks but the residents love it and we will not take it away.
Pretty much you just need a book or spread sheet with each activity you will spend money on and a column at the end that says the total running amount spent ( or the running amount left in your budget. ie you start with 200 and - each amount spent in the final column hope that makes sense
Susan 1st Sep 2017 Activity Director
That is basically what I did you can keep track of each individual expense or just estimate and check it at the end of the month to see if you have extra then if you do buy some supplies
Catalina M 1st Oct 2018 Activity Director
Sheri. Thanks for your inf. It will help me a lot.
Molly 13th Oct 2018 Activity Professional & Writer
These are all so helpful, thank you for sharing!
Linette 6th May 2019 Program Manager
Thank You Kim! Set mine up
Vivian 11th May 2019 Executive Director
Need some help. Quarterly reviews as never been completed. I am new and have been asked to create QR as far as 02/2017 for 14 active clients and 6 past clients. Where should I start? Is there a template where I can select the sentences to speed up the process.
Solange 11th May 2019 Diversional Therapist
Susan 12th May 2019 Activity Director
HI Vivian
Thanks for reaching out for help I think the link that Solange suggested will be very helpful especially the parts about collecting data and beyond

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